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Traffic jams and long waiting times on the way to the Balkans – Austria News

Drivers must plan to wait up to four hours before crossing the border at the Karawanken tunnel. The traffic on the A10 is surprisingly fluid.

A traffic jam hotspot, the Karawanken Tunnel, has been causing problems for holidaymakers since early this morning. At around 7 o’clock, the police warned of waiting times of up to four hours, and the traffic jam almost reached back to the Villach intersection.

A similar, though not so dramatic image was presented to drivers on the A9, the Pyhrn Autobahn. The waiting time before the Spielfeld border crossing was over an hour. In the meantime, however, the traffic situation has calmed down a bit, and drivers are currently only stuck in traffic for about 1

5 minutes in both directions.

Block management and accident

The Tauern Autobahn, A10, has always been at the forefront of the club’s traffic log statistics in recent weeks, compared to the traffic situation on Saturday being relatively good.

ÖAMTC congestion advisor, Herbert Thaler, reports on the A10 website: “We have a lot of traffic, and the trend is increasing, but things are still surprisingly smooth right now.” Just in front of the Ofenau tunnel, traffic was cleared in blocks.

A bus accident in the Loibl tunnel also led to waiting times for holidaymakers, fortunately everything was clear after a short time.

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