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"Top Gun 2: Maverick": First trailer for the cult movie sequel with Tom Cruise – Kino News

In 1986, Tony Scott's aviation action hit the "Top Gun" screens and became not only a megatroff but also made Tom Cruise a world star. 34 years later "Top Gun 2" actually has a sequel – here is the first trailer:

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"Highway to the danger zone …", "Take the breath away …" ̵

1; Almost more Legendary than the spectacular action scene in the air is the soundtrack of the 1986 cult movie "Top Gun – They Are Not Afraid of Death or Devil". For the shame-anthem "Take My Breat Away" in Berlin, which is repeatedly played throughout the film, there was even the 1987 Academy Award. To continue, the sequel "Top Gun 2: Maverick", which will actually be released in 2020 after 34 years, will be anything but easy. But after all, with Hans Zimmer and Harold Faltermeyer, who also composed the iconic title music for the original film, one has already committed two very promising names for the score.

However, for single music, no one will run into cinema anyway next year. For the spectacular flight scenes probably earlier – because they were performed as with "Top Gun" with real aircraft and without (or at least a little) CGI support. That's what superstar Tom Cruise said as a condition that he actually takes another role as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. By the way, from the original movie again aboard, Val Kilmer, which embodies Cruise "rival Tom" Iceman "Kazanski, Miles Teller (" Whiplash "), Jennifer Connelly (" Blood Diamond "), Jon Hamm (" Mad Men ") and Ed Harris ("Mother!") Also expands the high caliber yeast, the director was Joseph Kosinski, an old acquaintance of Tom Cruise, who already shot the science fiction film "Oblivion" (2013).

This is what Top Gun 2: Maverick is about [19659006] The former Hotspur Maverick (Cruise) is now working as a flight instructor and teaches today's youth how to fly properly, but with the modern world he has his problems, after all, pilots are increasingly being replaced by computers. Bradley Bradshaw (Teller), son of Nick " Goose "Bradshaw, Maverick's former partner, who tragically lost his job in the mission …

After a full year launch" Top Gun 2: Maverick "is now scheduled to meet German theaters on July 16, 2020. The official The reason for the delay is that more flight training is needed than was originally planned. Probably not only because of it, but also on a not really mature script …

And here the trailer is also in the English original:

Buddy assembles the "Top Gun 2" script

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