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Today, big storms are threatening :: wetter.at

Today, thunderstorms are very likely in many places. In the morning, the clouds pour in particular in the west and between Waldviertel and Östra Steiermark, the first local thunderstorms and showers begin to fall. Otherwise, the day starts pretty sunny.

In the afternoon, in the run-up to a cold forward direction, northeastern storm lines move from the west. These reach at least below the forest and Weinviertel. The thunder activity changes to the Northern Alps in the evening. A little windy. Early temperatures of 13 to 20 degrees, daily heights of 25 to 31 degrees.

Especially in southern and eastern Austria, there is heavy thunderstorm and partial hail precipitation to wait again.


Already in the morning, first cumulus clouds are created, followed by short showers or thunderstorms. In the coming night on Friday, the likelihood of heavy snakes or thunderstorms also increases significantly over the city. Moderate wind from the southeast. Early temperatures around 18 degrees daily up to 30 degrees.

Lower Austria

Already in the morning, the thunderstorm of the storm increases, between longer periods of sunshine can be expected. In the evening, once again organized thunderstorms land westwards. Moderate wind from the southeast. Early temperatures 13 to 20 degrees, daily up to 30 degrees.


Already in the morning the slope rises towards local thunderstorms, during the day it becomes thorny with mostly local backpours. Moderate wind from the southeast. Early temperatures of 16 to 20 degrees, daily heights to 31 degrees.

Upper Austria

Until noon, the sun shines often unclear. In the afternoon, cumulus forms clouds over the mountain and hill, from where it can be first local rain showers and thunderstorms. In the evening, thunderstorms spread from the west, which can sometimes cause stormy wind and heavy rain. In the morning the temperature is 12 to 19 degrees, in the afternoon they reach 26 to 31 degrees.


It is usually sunny until 12:00. During the afternoon, readiness for rain and thunderstorms rises throughout the country. In the late afternoon and evening thick clouds and thunderstorms spread that could be violent in the northern parts of the country. In the morning, the temperature is 8 to 17 degrees, in the afternoon they reach 25 to 29 degrees.


On Thursday (Corpus Christi) the sun shines in Styria until late afternoon and it gets hot in the summer, sometimes even warm. Regional high fog fields dissolve quickly in the morning. Especially over the mountains, with a cold front in the afternoon, it is possible to shower and sometimes strong thunderstorms. Early temperatures 11 to 17 degrees, daily levels 26 to 32 degrees. At night on Friday, the front from the north then gives cooling and additional showers.


On Thursday, the Corpus Christi sunshine is often found in the valleys and pools. In the afternoon, however, some mighty cumulus clouds form again over the mountains and especially in the evening local, but sometimes heavy, thunderstorms can be formed in the west and in the Gurktal Alps. Maximum values: 25 to 30 degrees.


Morning showers are probably in the lowlands. Some high clouds are from the beginning, but in the morning it is often quite sunny. But then the swellings become larger and larger. From noon it is only temporarily sunny. During the afternoon and evening in many places with strong showers and thunderstorms can be expected. It gets hot but not hot anymore. Minimum values: 11 to 15 degrees, maximum values: 23 to 27 degrees.


After possible morning breaks, it sometimes becomes sunny. Cumulus clouds are increasing rapidly and more. In the second half of the day one can expect with some strong rain showers and thunderstorms. It gets hot but not hot anymore. Minimum values: 12 to 17 degrees, maximum values: 21 to 25 degrees.

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