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Tirol blocks highways for summer traffic

A During the holiday season in the Austrian province of Tyrol, some transit tourists may experience major restrictions. Since Thursday, a driving ban on certain rural roads used by travelers to bypass the traffic jams or avoid tolls on the Austrian highways. This decision was announced by the German state, according to the news agency APA, a few days after the ECJ followed in Austria and stopped the planned German car traffic. From Bayern comes sharp protest.

During the planned actions, the motorways in the capital city Innsbruck will be closed for transit traffic, as the Tyrolean governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) explained, according to the APA. Above all, the villages affected by transit traffic on the line between Germany and Italy should be alleviated.

Bavarian government responded with anger and incomprehension to the message. "Tyrolean behavior is unclear and pure chican," said Transport Minister Hans Reichhart (CSU). In addition, the behavior in the neighboring country is illegal. "I expect the European Commission to stop this behavior very quickly and to guarantee free travel in Europe."

Brenner Road was not affected

Reichhart also proposed countermeasures: "If the Commission were to pass this behavior, then it must also apply to the heavily loaded Bavarian highways and rural roads in the border area." The conversation was agreed with Tyrol. From their production, they want to make Bavaria's reaction dependent.

The drastic action of the Tyrolean government should apply on all weekends from Saturday at 07.00 to Sunday at 1

9.00 – until September. Not affected are motorists who want to go directly to Innsbruck or the surrounding villages, Platter insured. The driving restrictions apply to all traffic, regardless of car, truck or motorcycle.

Meanwhile, provisions have also been made that the navigation units no longer show the detours, it said. To this end, the current traffic data in connection with the ban has been made available to the navigation operators, the APA head of the Tyrolean traffic police Markus Widmann quoted. However, since it is not certain that the Navi providers are entering the new data, police patrols should already check the blocked alternative roads on Thursday.

Union politicians open up to climate charges

Concerned are the exits between Hall, according to APA and Zirl on the Inntal highway (A12), as well as Patsch and Gries am Brenner on the Brenner motorway (A13). Burner Street itself is not affected by the bans.

In Germany, after stopping the planned Court of Justice car model, the Union voted for a new attempt on climate protection. "The subject with car toll must be on the agenda. We must dare to discuss just under the climate aspects even on distance-related tolls," says vice-leader Georg Nüßlein (CSU) magazine "Focus." The car tax can be an important building block on the issue of what a climate-oriented tax and

The Union's transport expert, Daniela Ludwig (CSU), said that in the medium term a user-oriented infrastructure fee could not be avoided. CDU Vice Thomas Strobl said "the picture", the ECJ's judgment was no reason to be shocked. should use this as an opportunity to combine the financing of infrastructure with smart climate policy elements. "

Greens wants to question the scouring

Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had not ruled out a new start for car tax and on possible ecological steering effect. had classified its toll model as illegal, since only foreign vehicle owners would need A toll, which would be applied by all users, exists in many EU states and would be compatible with EU law.

However, the coalition partner SPD rejected a car toll in some form. This also applies to Minister for the Environment Svenja Schulze. "For the Federal Minister for the Environment, the car fee is made with the Court of Justice ruling," said one of its spokesmen on Wednesday. However, the Federal Environment Agency as a subordinate authority in the ministry has invested in a toll for years in terms of climate protection.

The greens want to request the toll decision now Transport Minister Scheuer in the Bundestagets budget committee and demand insight into agreements with operators. "Andreas Scheuer must now end with the secret and the Bundestag immediately contract with Kapsch and Eventim forward," says green household expert Sven Christian Kindler. CSU politicians must explain to politicians next Wednesday, what is now on the federal budget for costs and risks.

Scheuer had already announced Wednesday that he would face questions from the deputies of the Transport Committee. The Greens criticize the fact that the Ministry of Transport had already given the 12 system vendor Kapsch and the ticket supplier CTS Eventim last year, the additional fees for the intended operation – before the final clarification of legal issues.

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