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Thomas Gottschalk: Spectacular rumor: he is planning a comeback

A grand return is apparently on the air on TV: show legend Thomas Gottschalk was able to go on the air again.

Will probably the most important German talk show return to the big TV scene? All traffic lights for this appear to be yellow-green. “Bild.de” reports that similar negotiations with Thomas Gottschalk (70) are already underway.

Tone on tone and arm on arm: In the video above you can see the last look of Thomas Gottschalk and his loved ones – and they could not keep their fingers apart!

But details about the possible format and slot are not yet available. According to “bild.de”

;, an insider explains: “First, those in charge offered him a show on the third program. But he refused. He will, if so, come to the main program.”

But Gottschalk is not always in focus – as on his birthday when his girlfriend Karina stole the show.

What a feast for the eyes!  At her birthday party, her girlfriend Karina steals the show

© Andreas Rentz / Getty Images; BUNTE.de

Will Thomas Gottschalk get a new show?

SWR, which Gottschalk has produced the 14-day podcast “Podschalk” in addition to a radio program since the beginning of the year, will later be responsible for the execution. According to the information, the search for a production company is already underway.


Thomas Gottschalk at the Frankfurt Book Fair two years ago

Thomas Gottschalk
ZDF gives him presents for his 70th birthday

Thomas Gottschalk’s 70th birthday casts its shadows. ZDF announces a live show from Berlin to celebrate May 17.

The moderator who was spoiled for success recently stumbled upon ARD

Gottschalk’s experiences with ARD, however, are of a mixed nature. His show “Gottschalk Live”, which he moderated from 2012, flopped right in front of “Tagessschau” despite the attractive evening broadcast. The rather intimate format was discontinued just a few months later, after less than a million viewers had turned on.

Thomas Gottschalk is used to something completely different than before! With his happy and cheeky style, he expressed the big Saturday night show “Wetten, dass ..?” His stamp on ZDF from the late 1980s. More than 20 million viewers were standard here: If Gottschalk was on the program on Saturday, the nation hit on TV.


The couple lives so idyllic in California


Thomas Gottschalk & Karina Mross
The couple lives so idyllic in California

Entertainer Thomas Gottschalk and TV controller Karina Mroß are planning their future in America, BUNTE knows exclusively.

Recognition for Gottschalk’s ARD return awaits

So far, there has been no confirmation of the 70-year-old’s renewed commitment to ARD. According to “bild.de”, Gottschalk, who lives in the USA with his partner Karina Mross (58), left a corresponding request unanswered. ARD entertainment director Thomas Schreiber (61) has not yet confirmed the rumors.

See how much Thomas and Karina are in love – it does not even hide on the red carpet.

Totally in love with BAMBI: Here he plays with his girlfriend Karina on the red carpet

© CHRISTOF STACHE / AFP via Getty Images; BUNTE.de


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