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This couple flies out on "Dancing Stars"

ambitious. In the first decision, Sunnyi Melles and Florian Vana were eliminated. The exhibition is over for them this year.

Even in the playback to the first R-election made at the ORF, Dancing Stars shows trembling among some candidates. First it was Stefan Petzner, who was considered threatened after the first show with only 1

3 points.

On the other hand, it was comedian Soso Mugiraneza, who was equal to Petzner. To this came the racism scandal around Soso and the statement of his dance partner Helene Exel, who told him to dance like a "monkey". Everything was just a misunderstanding after a clarifying conversation. The couple danced on and stopped the argument.

favorite role. The leader after the first show Nicole Wesner scored with a ChaCha-Cha for Avicii's Wake Me Up on the jury and the audience. Former ski star Lizz Görgl had repeated a roller for the Backstreet Boys battle, I will never break your heart and put it on the floor. His surprise success from the beginning also wanted to repeat CopStories star Martin Leutgeb. With professional partner Manuela Stöckl and his classic Mr Bojangles in the Waltz watch, he again demonstrated his abilities.

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