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The United States imposes penalties on EU imports

Washington – US $ 7.5 billion ($ 6.8 billion) US Penalties on Penalties entered into force today, Friday. This means that imports of aircraft from the EU will incur additional charges of 10% and other EU products such as wine, cheese and whiskey will have additions of up to 25%. The background is European state aid to the domestic aviation industry, in particular for Airbus.

The EU wanted to cut tariffs until the end

The US penalties, which also affected local winemakers or utilities companies, occurred at midnight (06:00 CEST) in power. The World Trade Organization (WTO) had approved the penalties this month. It allowed the United States to introduce special additions to US imports of $ 7.5 billion of European products for incompatible support to aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

However, the EU hoped to abolish tariffs until the end. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said Thursday after meeting with his US counterpart Steve Mnuchin in Washington that the imposition of duties would have "very negative economic and political consequences."

Le Maire warned the United States against a new front in its trade conflicts. The United States has been in a fierce trade dispute with China for a year and a half. During the past week, at least the two world's largest economies managed to at least abolish their conflict through a partial solution.

US and EU trade relations are already adversely affected by Washington and the imposition of punitive duties on steel and aluminum. Trump has also threatened with import surcharges on European cars. Such charges would particularly affect German manufacturers.

Dispute began 15 years ago

The battle over import of aircraft began in 2004, when the US government accused Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain of illegally subsidizing Airbus. [19659004"EUReportingMeasures"NaturallyWTO"SaLeMaireAfterAccessingMnuchinTheFrenchFinanceMinisterWillAlsoMeetAsA:TradeRepresentativeRobertLighthizerApproachesAndApproximatelyAssociatedWorldSeaUSaircraftmanufacturerBoeingfrom1989to2006WithregardtoBoeingtheEUhasalsopreparedalistofUSproductsthatmaybesubjecttocriminalliability (APA / AFP) [19659011]
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