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The theme of the week – The Epic Games Store • Eurogamer.de

Time for new ideas: the subject of the week. The name should actually be self-explanatory, but it's about – we get a topic this week – and ask for your opinion. A bit like the top 50 at the end of the year, just different – and more up to date.

Every week we introduce you to the new theme of the week on Sunday. You then have the opportunity to write and discuss your thoughts in the comments. And on Wednesday, the editing follows in the form of an article that illustrates your views on each topic. First, to clarify your opinion on a topic. On the other hand, to create a platform for further discussion.

What you play about this week's subject does not matter. Let your mind wander as long as you follow the netiquette.



This week's theme: The Evolution of Star Citizen

In December, Epic Games Store was launched and since then he caused some controversial discussions. Responsible were the many exclusive titles that Epic was secured for the deal, including big names like Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus. And so much to the dissatisfaction of the players who would like to buy these titles for sale on Steam.

The subject has not come to rest since then. Again, discussions are being discussed as they did this week. On the one hand because of Outer Wild, which now comes first in the Epic Games Store and therefore some project managers are dissatisfied. On the other hand, the first Epic Mega sales began in the deal.

With this Epic running full again, not only offers discounts on games, but withdraws from a certain amount again ten euros from the purchase price. Is it still a reasonable estimate of games? Alex is not there, as he explains in his article: Enough is enough – why I do not participate in the Epic Mega Sale! In addition, sales started with some problems and some developers or publishers no longer wanted to participate in the sale.

A popular discussion topic.

What do you think about this topic? How do you see Epic Mega Sale and how is it – after about half a year – satisfied with the deal? Do you feel he really puts pressure on steam, or do you just see some aggressive efforts that won't break Steam's market dominance in the end? Whatever goes through your mind, let's hear!

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