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The Tandler also has a lot of musical stuff: Music visit at 48er Tandler: Heino comes to the autograph session

Musical visit to 48er Tandler: Heino comes to the signing session

48er Tandler as a treasure trove for music fans ̵

1; musical instruments, records and CDs
Even some famous musicians have visited Vienna's coolest used market, 48er-Tandler. The next celebrity guest is the well-known hit star and folk music singer Heino on October 25.
Heino has been in the show business for over 60 years and enjoys both the older audience and young fans. As part of his farewell tour, the singer goes with the 26.10. in Linz. On his way there he stops at 48er Tandler to say goodbye to the Viennese audience. As a public carrier, he brings with him many new 48er Tandler customers to the used market and thus this waste prevention institution of MA 48 is approaching a wider audience. Everyone who has stopped by in Margaret is delighted with the modern market with a wide range of goods, including many musical instruments, discs and CDs.
Heino: over 50 million records sold and 60 years on stage
Trademarks: Die characteristic baritone voice, blonde hair and sunglasses have long reached cult status. He is one of Germany's best known and most successful hit and folk music stars. His songs are unforgettable classics that almost anyone can sing.
Heino is a music legend. "Blue flowers of the gentian", "Caramba, Caracho" or "black brown is hazelnut" has made the singer a folk music giant. After more than 50 million records sold and 60 years of stage experience, he is now taking leave from his fans.
48er-Tandler – also many musical rarities, musical instruments, discs and CDs
The modern old-fashioned market in Margareten offers shopping pleasure of a special type and exclusive articles with history. The colorful range comes from fees at the Wienmistplaces, where intact items are collected separately in the "48er Tandler Box". In addition, there are items that are not retrieved from Central Lost Property and items that are no longer required from other sources in Vienna. For example, 48er Tandler offers a wide range of used goods – suitable for every season and at affordable prices. True to the motto: it doesn't always have to be new – what is important is functionality and exclusivity. By the way, recycling of well-preserved products also protects the environment and relieves money. Cheap finds, collectibles, small furniture, clothing, toys, books, crockery and other household items, sports equipment, controlled electrical appliances, decorative and even bizarre items can be discovered and purchased here from Wednesday to Saturday.
Fans of music rarities are particularly welcome The music area for 48er Tandlers is proud. It is necessary to browse countless discs and CDs, and one or the other purchase can also be made with used instruments. In the electricity sector, turntables and hi-fi devices are usually offered – with a one year warranty. Also nostalgic radio from the 50s is often found.
48er Tandler is good for the environment and of course good for the wallet through the reuse of nice, used things. Many social institutions (such as Integrationshaus, Crypt or TierQuarTier Wien) are supported with the delivery of beautiful old-fashioned goods at dune places or shopping at 48er-Tandler
1050 Vienna, Siebenbrunnenfeldgasse 3
Wednesday to Saturday from 10: 00 to 18:00
Autograph session: Friday 25.10.2019: 14.00-15.00
Mistophone: +43 1 546 48

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