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The Sissi Great Child's Book Makes the Habsburg Cry »Leadersnet

Leopold Altenburg unveiled the cocaine opus "Der Kaiser und sein Sonnenschein"

On Thursday, imperial-era nostalgia came in the Palais Ferstel when Leopold Altenburg read the first book in his book, studded with cock anecdotes "Emperor and his sunshine "presented in a small but extremely blue-blooded environment. At the Café Central courtyard, the neo-writer's relatives had gathered, not only to call themselves actors, directors and nasal clowns, but also grandchildren of Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Elisabeth.

Blue blood got wet eyes

Coming from Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and, of course, Austria, Habsburg's squad kept up when, during the moderation of Otto Jankovich and the musical accompaniment of the Concilium Musicum Vienna, Blaublüter got ready for his lines Scriveners listen to deceased relatives. Not all eyes remained dry, as Leopold Altenburg provided insights into his family's history in the "Emperor and His Sunshine", from the imperial to the present.

The partly entertaining, partially touching book did not write Altenburg as a historian, because "it would be presumptuous", as he meant, but as a collection of loving anecdotes which he historically researched, but was based mainly on the sources which was available to him: the stories of grandparents, parents, aunt and uncles. Whether it's historically humorous facts or transfigured memories, d <1

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Book presentation on March 25 at Thalia Landstraße

Those who have taken the spontaneous curiosity about the work of the Ururenkelen by Empress Sissi and Emperor Franz Josef, today, Monday, March 25, 2019, still have the opportunity. Leopold Altenburg visits the Thalia branch Vienna Landstraße at 7 am and presents his book to interested audiences again.

You can get an insight into the blue-blooded treatment last week in our photo gallery. (Rb) [19659008] www.leopoldaltenburg.com [19659010]
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