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The Great Hour Summit – Wiener Zeitung Online



It was arguably one of the most successful weeks in the history of Austrian club football – the currently inflationary word "historically" can be tried hard: first Salzburg shoots Belgian champion KRC Genk to Champions League debut with 6: 2 from Bull Arena; then Lask celebrates against the Norwegian title Rosenborg Trondheim at home 1-0 in the Europa League's first success in a major European competition of 34 years; And finally the third domestic Europacup representative WAC in the 4-0 triumph in Gladbach for a huge sensation – synonymous with the highest red-white-red victory over a German representative in football history.

After this The great moment of the often derided as the "operetta band" Bundesliga, there is now the big hit between leaders and first persecutors, between champions and vice champions, between Salzburg and Lask. Although Paschingen Raiffeisen Arena with only 6,000 seats will not qualify for the summit on Sunday (5pm / Sky), the dense atmosphere has already impressed many guests of the home-strong Linz sports. Not the series champion, who just had to accept the only (0-1) defeat in April 2018 (the last time a total of eight games) – because in turn, the Red Bull squad or Europa League quarter-final against Lazio in Rome legs. On Sunday, however, the previous European Cup evening should speak in favor of Erling Haaland and Co., especially since the Salzburg kicker had two more days to recover. Little eternity in modern football.



The shooting star from Norway, whose account this year already has eleven league goals and was selected for UEFA Champions League players on Friday, was able to get a mandatory break during the big game. Due to a feverish cold that he couldn't work out on Friday, his use on Sunday is questionable. "It's not so bad, I hope it goes out on Sunday," said Salzburg coach Jesse Marsch.

Best Storm Against Best Defense

For the offensive force of the squad, the 19-year-old would still be the executive. after all, Pasching needed the best offensive (34 goals in 7 games) on the best defensive (Lask conceded only three goals). However, March announced changes ("a little rotation"), especially as Wednesday's Cup match against Rapid awaits the next key match. "We have so many options up front, so much talent," said the 45-year-old American. In his opinion, the Linzers are once again the toughest competitors for the championship and especially dangerous in the standards: "This may be the most important topic against Lask."

The flowers want to return their counterpart Valérien Ismaël: "Salzburg is a great opponent, but the victory has given us confidence and all the energy for the game released," said the Lask coach after the hard fought victory against Rosenborg. But now the next challenge is: "It's going to be a big fight, an extremely intense game, we're ready, we want to show that if a team can stand up, it's us," said the Frenchman. who – unlike in the Europa League – can refer back to suspended captain Gernot Trauner.

Also that Lask – like the last of the other Bundesliga teams – could get under the wheels, midfielder Peter Michorl does not believe: "We have often shown that we can offer a match to Salzburg."

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