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The GAK must return to the simple football «kleinzeitung.at

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After the downfall: The GAK must return to the simple football «kleinzeitung.at

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GAK captain Marco Pechtold white, who can find GAK in the track of success.

05.50 o'clock, September 21, 2019

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Marco Pechtold © GEPA pictures

Twice in succession, the GAK in the second league missed the jump to the table top. An unlucky 0: 2 defeat before a week away against wacky Innsbruck only followed a 1: 2 against Spitzenreiter Austria Klagenfurt. It was the first defeat in the Merkur Arena since the 0: 6 in the Cup against Salzburg. Marco Perchtold knows the reasons for both defeats. "We have to get back to the simple football. We play it too much too complicated. It also applies to bring the rod passes back to the man. And if we clean up a hundred percent, then it will be better," said the GAK captain.

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