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The EU puts billions on Google

The EU competition authorities have imposed a fine of EUR 1.49 billion on the US Internet giant Google to abuse a dominant position in online advertising.

The US company "imposed restrictive clauses in agreements with third party websites" prevents competitors from being able to "place ads on those sites," the European Commission said today. Google has now stopped illegal action.

Disturbance of other search engine ads

For search engine advertising in the AdSense for Search service, other providers have been illegally blocked, the European Commission said. AdSense for Search allows other sites to embed Google Search Mask and provide compensation.

Google's advertising business collects the lendings in its parent company Alfabetes revenue. During the quarter of 201

8, the company achieved approximately $ 9 billion (7.9 billion euros) thanks to gushing advertising revenue. Sales rose sharply to $ 39.3 billion. But the strong growth was also offset by a sharp increase in spending – especially for infrastructure.

"We have always known that healthy and prosperous markets are of general interest. We have already made a number of changes to our products to meet the European Commission's problems," says Google Manager Kent Walker. "In the coming months, we plan additional updates to make our competitors in Europe more visible. "

Highest Penalty Introduced in 2017

The Brussels Authority has targeted Google's business behavior for a long time. In 2017, the Commission fined EUR 2.42 billion for its abuse Dominant position in product advertisements in the search results Due to restrictions of competition with the Smartphone system Android 2018, the record penalty of EUR 4.34 billion would also be overdue.

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