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The entire school funding passed the Education Committee | SN.at

ÖVP's and FPÖ's request to support, above all, the municipalities in the extension of the school's form and afternoon care on Tuesday, unanimously agreed the national council's teaching committee. It was only with the votes of the two former ruling parties that a resolution was approved prohibiting associations from sex education.

The new education investment law (BIG) for the promotion of school forms throughout the day had become necessary because the former 15a agreement between the federal government and the states expires for the entire school's expansion in the summer. BIG regulates the allocation of EUR 750 million from "billions of billions" for the years 2020-2033, which were originally intended to flow earlier. In terms of sexual education, ÖVP and FPÖ ask the Minister of Education, Iris Rauskala "to take the necessary measures to ensure age-related and ideologically neutral sex education without the child's involvement".

by non-school members or associations, but secured by acting with school teachers and teachers ". Associations can intervene outside the classroom, said a statement.

The Ministry of Education has told the APA that it is bound by legislative decisions." important to us that the children and young people are prepared for the needs of their own body in an age-appropriate way and that this is done as professionally as possible, especially because of a stable personality development. " week, "Consider what steps (eg, legislative change) are necessary to implement the decision."

An agreement has also been agreed upon by the Education Documentation Committee, for example, data for promoting language from kindergarten to primary school forwarded in the future.

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