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The death of soprano Inge Borkh

"Inge Borkh sang" Salomé "at an age when the vocal educators would say: Well, if it works well?" Thomas Voigt says about Borkh's career. It was followed by great roles and international fame, but at age 52 the singer was born as Ingeborg Simon goodbye. "She did not get the deals she was hoping for and waited and said: Well, if only drinking, I would stop listening."

Wide repertoire

Inge Borkh had a large variety of Repertoires, in Italy she was educated by the Milanese Rector Vittorio Moratti, why she could sing the Italian repertoire well. Sieglinde from Richard Wagner's "Ring of Nibelungen" sang her too, but she needed more depth for it ̵

1; that was her self-assessment. But above all she sang "Elektra" by Richard Strauss, her life role.

Escape from National Socialists

Her life was very protected when the national socialists came to power. In 1933 the family fled to Austria and 1938 to Switzerland. Actress wanted to be her. "And then you said honey, go to the cooking school." But Inge Borkh won. First at the theater, later as a soprano in the opera. The acting talent was so great in the opera that Richard Strauss was even afraid of his music – he had already composed the interpretation, according to the music. "You can feel this intensity," says Thomas Voigt. She was very active until she died, she read, played the piano and went swimming every day. And when today's stars of the opera scene pop up, she said to the end: I have to see it!

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