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The dead body of the Russian diver killed from Attersee

Dead body of the missing Russian diver rescued from Attersee

STEINBACH AM ATTERSEE. The corps of a Russian diver who left Attersee in Vöcklabruck for more than three weeks was rescued by a dive robot on Sunday early in the morning.

For several weeks, the 41-year-old Russian was looking for a fire and water rescue service. Image: Wolfgang Spitzbart

This was reported by the National Police Board on Sunday. The 41

-year-old Russian crashed on April 20 during a dive at "The Oven". Since then, the area has searched systematically over and over again.

Eleven members of the Austrian water rescue from the bases Unterach am Attersee, Nussdorf am Attersee and Salzburg found the man at a depth of 143.5 meters with a dive robot with a camera. At 00:40 the missing one could be erected and at the dive site "eat" in the Steinbach am Attersee community, where the athlete had also made his dive, landed.

The fire department was lost last Sunday at a depth of 120 meters. "From which this deviation comes from, we need to discuss now to learn again for the future," says Gerald Berger, Country Director for Water Rescue on Sunday to APA.

Water sports had two weeks ago with an underwater scooter alone in the wild to dive a depth of 100 meters. Since apparently he had not turned up in the afternoon, other divers warned the emergency service. The exact cause of the accident was initially unclear. According to Berger, the cause of dive accidents is often a small mistake in handling the various gas mixtures. "At such depths you can no longer dive with normal breathing air because you need several bottles of different gas mixtures for different depths." If you change late or take the wrong gas, you're unaware in a few seconds deadly. "

The prosecutor Wels has ordered an autopsy. There is no sign of third party debt, said Welsh Birgit Ahamer, lawyer on Sunday morning to APA. Results are expected during the week.

Attersee is a very popular area of ​​divers, but some areas are considered treacherous. Every year, serious accidents occur, often with death.


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