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The blockchain platform FLETA announces listing on Bittrex Global

Seoul, South Korea The blockchain Mainnet project FLETA announced its listing on Bittrex on November 19.

  • FLETA deposits start at 21:00 on November 16 Clock (GMT + 9) on Bittrex Global
  • FLETA trade launches on Bittrex Global at 9:00 (GMT + 9) on November 19

Bittrex Global is a Liechtenstein-based cryptocurrency exchange. The secure and reliable digital currency trading site offers fast transaction management, stable wallets and high security standards. Bittrex International users have unlimited access to Bittrex Global with their original Bittrex International user ID and password.

Bittrex Global has announced the list of several Korean projects while consolidating their market position in Korea.

FLETA is considered a promising mainnet Project and initiator of commercialization of blockchain technology. FLETA recently exposed its Mainnet to a performance test under real operating conditions (28 nodes, 6 cities around the world). The FLETA team made actual transactions and the maximum performance was 1

4,000 TPS. FLETA is a platform optimized for providing and using Blockchain-based services for DApp developers and users. It is very scalable with a moderate fee structure.

Meanwhile, SendSquare, FLETA's foundation, has announced a deposit investment event in connection with the listing on its 11th official Mainnet launch. Users who place deposits between 16 November at. 9:00 and 19 November at. 8:00 (GMT + 9) can receive FLETA bonus money. Participants must deposit FLETA during the deposit period and may withdraw FLETA from November 30 to qualify for this event.

Participants may continue to trade with FLETA and withdraw BTC during this period.

Deposit amount and bonus rate: 1 -299,999 FLETA: 1% Bonus300,000 + FLETA: 3% Bonus

For more information about the event, visit the Bittrex Global website (https: //global.bittrex .com /) and the FLETA channels.

FLETA Channels

Website: https://fleta.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/fletachain [19659014] Medium: https://medium.com/fleta-first-chainebrit19459013achteTelegram:vud19459014] https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroupebrit19659005 Makeover photo – https://mma.prnewswire. com / media / 1026559 / FLETA_x_Bittrex_Global.jpg

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