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The best characters in his films

  Quentin Tarantino: The Best Characters of His Movies

The Best Tarantino Characters (c) (c) Miramax Films

With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino's new movie has now released to cinema surely some very special characters ready again. We present the most memorable of his past characters.

Director Quentin Tarantino's ninth prank is in the form of " Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood " since this week in theaters. You can read our review here. Typical of Tarantino also included this time, really strange, remarkable but also simply well-written characters. We once again looked at the filmmaker's eccentric and iconic works and picked out our favorite characters.

The order is arranged in chronological order for the published films and we have assumed the stripes where he directed himself. Of course, there are some more characters created by him, especially since he also wrote the script for " Natural Born Killer's " or " True Romance ". Those who struggle with their characters soon realize that the actors must have much more than just fine feet to fulfill the director's demands for their given roles.

Little Warning: The accompanying clips may in some cases contain spoilers about the fate of the characters and possibly even violent scenes that are not suitable for everyone, after all we are talking about the creations of Quentin Tarantinos, whose films are known not to be very neat thing goes. Which characters are among your favorites, or if you would have included others in the leaderboard, you may of course want to let us know in the comments.

Adam Arndt wrote this post.

Mr. Blonde ̵
1; Reservoir Dogs

"" You will bark little doggie all day or will you bite? "" As part of the Gangster Squad in " Reservoir Dogs " you must be prepared to meet real psychopaths among them as well. Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) is sadistic, unscrupulous and always cool and relaxed. But it is also he who according to the prehistory during the robbery of a diamond company has ensured that the situation escalates. Devoted to keeping shopkeepers and visitors in check, when the alarm goes off, he begins to mercilessly hammer one hostage after another, causing the police to storm the building.

The scene that characterizes his character Fame is really the one where he tortured a police officer with enthusiastic joy and rhythmic progress to the songs from Stuck in the Middle with You "The Band" Stealers Wheel By the way, in the Tarantino movie universe he is known as Vic Vega, brother of John Travolta's character Vincent Vega from " Pulp Fiction ".

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