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The Bachelorette 2019: Has RTL ever betrayed the winner?

Still in "The Bachelorette" 2019 some men in the race: But it is already indicative that RTL has betrayed the winner the longest.

Actually RTL has already shown the victory at the beginning of the current "Bachelorette" stage: In one teaser to see, Gerda Lewis was a candidate in the end to make a declaration of love and to give the last rose. Of the Lord, though, it is no longer possible to see it as a single hand, a dark train and dark shoes. Besides, you hear another snap. Although RTL does not say the face of the man, many fans think that some clues finally betray the Bachelorette victory.

This is how they claim that Keno is the winner of "The Bachelorette" 201


On the Instagram account "bachelor.rtl" spoils one user prepared: "This Keno wins the easel and gets the last Rose. Don't understand, we don't fit you. And now, yes, even out there is his father and not standing up to his child. I find Marco the best who would have had to. "

Understandably, other users wanted to know where they got the white. Answer: "One recognizes his voices at the Seufzer, respectively. Recording the Last Scene. "

This theory also grips the Youtube channel" The It-Girl Agents ". Then, the man who receives the last Rose of the Bachelorette should finally identify as Keno Rüst in the snow.

Also, another Instagram user will definitely recognize Keno in the teaser: Not just the breath but also the gait, when it comes to the last rose, definitely put on these candidates.

But do you judge yourself: Are they Keno's hands?

Is Keno the bachelorette victor? Many fans think that the hands in the teaser with the victory are finally Keno's.

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RTL already betrayed: Keno had an overnight date with Bachelorette Gerda

Was RTL prepared – whether voluntary or involuntary: Keno had an overnight date with the bachelorette. In the first teaser, Gerda Lewis lies in bed in the arms of a man. RTL does not say his face. Aber: The tattoo on his arm is definitely the Keno armor.

"The Bachelorette" 2019: Has RTL already betrayed the winner?

"The Bachelorette": Gerdas Herz has long since spent in Keno

In the final teaser in the sequel, Gerda later states to the winner: "My heart has longed to decide for you."

From Folge to Folge, it becomes clear that Gerda's heart is in Keno. In the fifth "Bachelorette" sequence, she has an overnight date with Tim. Both had both sex and sexual intercourse.

The next afternoon the bachelorette shows up in the Candidates' Villa. Keno puts it to speech. Dabei states Gerda: “For me it is also quite difficult, to get rid of you and to concentrate on someone else. I already have a bad conscience. ”

Keno makes clear, however: Of a bachelorette who was prepared with several guys in the coffin, he would not be able to accept the last rose.

Gerda seems to be thinking about this: Before she leaves the villa again, Keno says, "I often think of you!" Again, there is a hint that Keno is finally getting the last rose …

"The Bachelorette" 2019: Keno definitely had an overnight date with Gerda

Should he be dealing with the overnight date on a dream date, Keno has definitely already worked in the top 3 of this year's Bachelorette staff .

The tattoo on the man's arm, with the bachelorette having an overnight date, is definitely that of Keno Rüst.

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Another user on the Instagram account "bachelor. rtl "wants to acknowledge in another teaser with the last rose that Keno has conquered the heart of the bachelorette:" At the very first consequence, you have already seen that Keno becomes, because of the winner's ring and that of Keno . "

Dazu posts in the account an Instagram fanpage by Keno Rüst of this comment:" He will also win. "

Bachelorette 2019: Did Gerda's best friend willing to betray the winner?

Did Bachelorette fans choose me too : In an Instagram story of Gerda's best friend Doreen Petrova, she is not only able to see the bachelorette, but also recognize and hear Keno. Has she already betrayed the victor? Meanwhile, the Instagram story has disappeared again. Simply so? Or did Dorren Petrova have to go through this mess? Apparently, the Bachelorette and the Victory are obligated after the Secret Final Season.

About this clue with the Instagram story of Doreen Petrova also reported on the Youtube channel "" The It-Girl Agents ". Meanwhile, Bachelorette Gerda Lewis even posted a comment on this Youtube video. She claims: Keno Rüst is not seen in the deleted Instagram story, respectively. To hear!

Mostly she writes: "To make it clear: that voice in my friend's IG video is your STEPFATHER. Just saying. "

Bachelorette 2019: Are you victorious?

It was also telling that Keno der Sieger could say: He is the first candidate to vote for Bachelorette in Episode 4. In the past, has the man who dared to kiss Bachelorette first ever far away.

Is Keno the winner of "The Bachelorette" 2019? RTL gives a clue

We look at one clue, the RTL until given in the teaser at the beginning of the easel, but once exactly. Gerda tells the late winner:

"If I saw you the first time, I never expected it to be here with you somewhere."

When Gerda Keno sees the first time, she acts everything else as begeistert. Both come in honest conversation. Gerda: “I come from Cologne. Originally I am from Lithuania. Do you know that? "Keno:" Lithuania? That tells me it was already! ”That mood lulls a little, if Keno betrays that he lived in the Cologne Town Hall Ehrenfeld, where Gerda currently resides.

Did RTL betray the winner of "The Bachelorette"? We have already given you a Bachelor Theory weeks ago

Beholdings, where the Bachelorette winner is willing to follow, should be enjoyed with caution. Remember: A corresponding theory has been given to the bachelor staff for some months already.

In February, the "Radio Antenna 1" transmitter from Baden-Württemberg stated that Bachelor Andrej Mangold chose his choice after the staff finals in their home town Ditzingen should have visited. From the city to the northwest of Stuttgart came only candidate Vanessa Prinz.

At the end of the Bachelor's staff asked: The last Rose did not come to Vanessa Prinz, without Jennifer Lange.

One should say "The Bachelorette Victory has flown in! ”- So theories always enjoy a healthy measure of skepticism …


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