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Telekom brings Bluetooth lingerie for undisturbed Schäferstündchen

With the new campaign "Better Together", Deutsche Telekom wants to stimulate the conscious use of smartphones in collaboration, where matching underwear "Connected Underwear" is the perfect accessory.

Nothing more in Germany As young people are increasingly distracted by their smartphones during intimate love, Deutsche Telekom now wants to counteract this with a new campaign aimed at encouraging the deliberate use of smartphones in partnership relationships, and even more: specially developed Bluetooth underwear. "Connected Underwear" – is to help mobile addicts to new highlights. Telecom's "deliberately absurd" product should be understood with a wink, but can actually be ordered at the price of 25 euros in different sizes.

Who invests the money, in the package "Connected-Underwear" gets a pair of underwear and two "LoveChips (Bluetooth Beacons), which can be integrated into the underwear. LoveChip is connected to the mobile app" Connected Underwear ". It is automatically activated by movement when you carries and sends a Bluetooth signal to the partner's smartphone within "LoveZone" (radius of 5 meters). The partner receives a message on his mobile phone inviting him to turn on "LoveMode". Upon approval, a LoveMode playlist will be played, a romantic screen saver is turned on and the app asks if user wants to activate the Do Not Disturb mode. The limited edition sale starts on October 1


More collaboration, less smartphone

"Better together" Telekom has named its campaign and set up a separate page on the Internet: Here is next to Employment instructions for smartphones and relationship tips from the couple's consultant Eric Hegmann. is the desperate attempt of young people to get the partner's attention. And finally presents, for all attempts, "Connected Underwear".

"We want to use our campaign to stimulate a debate about meaningful use of smartphones," says Wolfgang Kampbartold, vice president of international marketing communications at Deutsche Telekom AG. And further: "Mobile devices, on the one hand, create greater closeness between people. At the same time, concerns about negative effects are growing. Whether it is dinner or in the bedroom – mobile devices are often called a disruptive factor for the emergence of real connectivity and real intimacy. We want encourage young couples to resist digital stranger. "Love Magenta Connected Underwear" is a deliberately absurd product – because humor is often the best way to get attention and spark conversation. "

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