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"Tatort": Five Questions for the Newest Dresden- "Tatort"

The "Tatort" was launched with a sequel from Dresden in the new season. These questions remain open after the Crimean "Nemesis".

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Finally, the summer break is over! On Sunday, "Nemesis" flickered the first "Tatort" of the new season on the screens. The Crimea from Dresden with both Commissioners Karin Gorniak and Leo Winkler and their chatty boss Peter Schnabel was a successful and standard task.

The Macher then experimented and delivered a solid Crimea with the well-known Grundstory: on the outside it looks like a perfect, perfect family, living in a pompous villa. But the more the investigators go about their job, the more the facade and the intrigue, the debts and the dreams come to light.

At the end of the film it is clear: The woman is the real killer, who uses her children as a working witness and the colporteurs Mafia Story A Pure Brain Spin.

However, some questions remained open:

. Must Katharina Benda be in prison at all?

Because she is the spiritual arsonist, she never laid her hand on her own, but without the support of her children to kill her own father. Who would be punished in reality in this way?

Lawyers distinguish between Swiss instigation and average participation. In this case, the pendulum clears in the direction of the midst of the cathedral, as Catherine Benda is the central figure of the killing of her husband. Children over a long period of time. In the end, they are mere tools for your mother. Something threatens your conviction for murder. In Germany, there is a life sentence for life imprisonment.

2. Do your children ever threaten a penalty?

No. For one, the actual perpetrator Valentin Benda is still not 14 years old and sometimes not at all criminal, for others, there are also numerous further reasons given a criminal relevance. Who has been mentioned that abuses children as tools for your mother and manipulates them for a long period of time.

They did not act on their own will and thought that your father had an immediate danger to them and your mother. Accordingly, there is a so-called apologetic distress to the children, which precludes a punishment before the court.

3. Who plays Katharina Benda?

Very convincing in the role of the intriguing Katharina Benda, who is capable of everything and does not even recover from her murder and her husband, the well-known actress Britta Hammelstein states. The 38-year-old is a widely seen guest in the "Tatort" universe and dressed in eight "Tatort" films in the last eight years in various roles.

Recently, she played the past year in the Stuttgarter issue "The Man , which lies "a slow-moving episode role. In the four Hamburg "tatorts" Hammelstein also embodied the police officer Ines Kallwey on the side of the main roles of Til Schweiger and Fahrdi Yardim as a leading investigator duo.

4. Was she with the father of Leo Winkler?

Since April 2019, Leo Winkler is the new partner on the site of Karin Gorniak. She is the daughter of Otto Winkler, a well-deserved Dresdner police officer in retirement, who is also a good friend of Commissioner Peter Schnabel.

Prepare in the worst sequence with Winkler as investigator in the role of actor Uwe Pruss in this exact role. Now he was there again to see it, yet only schemingly recognizable and sitting in the dark. Neben Hammelstein is also Uwe Preuss on Sunday evening everything else as an unknown: He has played the crime commissioner Henning Röder in the Rostocker variant of the "Police Call 110" since 2010.

Dort is Commissioner of Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau) and Sascha (Charly Hübner) and somit the pendant to Martin Brambach as Peter Schnabel.

5. Who's going to continue with the "Tatort" season?

After a new "Police Call 110" has been broadcast last week, the first new "Tatort" in the current season will follow. In the next week, on August 25, another "Police call 110" – this time from the Brandenburg / Poland border region – will be given.

Next two "Tatorte" from Frankfurt (September 1) and Ludwigshafen (September 8) will follow. ), for the new Munich "Police Call 110" -member Elisabeth Eyckhoff (played by Verena Altenberger) who will succeed in pursuit of Hanns von Meuffel's alias Matthias Brandt (September 15).

Next on September 22, he returns with Commissioners Dorn und Lessing (Nora Tschirner and Christian Ulmen) from Potsdam. The further radiation deadline has not yet been established. (Dr)
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Jan Josef Liefers already stands on the stage as a teenager. There are many further roles, but a special one in his hallmark: Since 2002 he has been identified as pathologist Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Boerne on the side of Axel Prahl im Münsteraner "Tatort". We celebrate the 55th birthday of the actor on August 8 with the best quotes of his parade role. (JWO)

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