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Tannhäuser between excess and loneliness «kleinezeitung.at

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Stadttheater Klagenfurt: Tannhäuser between excess and loneliness «kleinezeitung.at

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Celebrated opening last season by Florian Scholz at Stadttheater Klagenfurt: Richard Wagner's romantic opera impresses with staging and strong voices.

By By Karin Waldner-Petutschnig | 06.09, 20 September 2019

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"Tannhäuser" Marco Jentzsch and ensemble © Karlheinz Fessl / Stadttheater

With his pants rolled up and barefoot, chauffeur Günter Wallner came to the final Conductor Nicholas Carter quickly put on wellington boots after all, the landscape in the first and third acts was flooded with water.

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