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Swirl in turquoise blue cannon at SPÖ family party in Lower Austria «DiePresse.com

There is a whirlwind about an action at the SPÖ family festival Groß Enzersdorf (Gänserndorf district), where they were asked to shoot for cans with pictures of ÖVP and FPÖ politicians. FPÖ Secretary-General Harald Vilimsky apologized to SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner on Sunday. "It was not a particularly smart act from SJ (socialist youth, note)," said SPNÖ chief Franz Schnabl.

"The people of freedom should first sweep in front of their own door," the state party chairman said. At the festival last Saturday could be shot on cans, glued on the pictures of members of the former turquoise blue federal government – among others. by former Chancellor of the Interior, Sebastian Kurz, former Transport Minister FPÖ Chief Norbert Hofer and the President of the Executive FP Club, former Interior Minister Herbert Kickl. Schnabl himself was a guest at the party and was photographed in front of the jars along with Mayor Monika Obenderer-Sivec (SPÖ), who appears on social media in circulating pictures.

"When you think you have bottomed out, you come from somewhere such a red dwarf from the 27th row therefore and turned down the level a little more. Shame on you for abusing a family party for such a horrible and disgusting policy!" was said by the local FPÖ on Facebook. "Although we are at the beginning of the election campaign, I also expect SPÖ to set a lowest level in the political discourse. The latest measure demonstrates once again how deeply SPÖ reaches into political difficulties, "Vilimsky criticized in a press release.

" The Libertines are trying to distract themselves with excitement, "Schnabl said." They want to distract from the fact that they themselves is without substance and stumbles from one faux trout to the next, "said the regional party chairman of the SPÖ Lower Austria.

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