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Supporting Millions Petition for Brexit-Abbruch | SEE ONLINE

More than four million Britons and British move into a petition aimed at the Unterhaus, breaking away from the European Union. No other Petition on the site
Parliament has so far come to Zulauf, reported
the British Nachrichtenagent PA. In the past Tagen was that
The roads of the storms are lauded. At one point of more than 100,000 supporters, a petition in Parliament must be discussed. All British citizens and citizens, such as United Kingdom in United Kingdom, were online petitioners.

Judgment, that also unfit the petition
underneath, are the southerly committee back. 96% above all
Captions came from the United Kingdom. Join in for Britons and British as well. For security purposes the committee wanted
nicht äußern.

"The government is ever weathering, away from the EU
 where the "will of the peoples" ", resembles the text of the petition." Where
to prepare this end a lot, as soon as that is the strength
The public support of the public remains in the EU. "

 can theoretically dedicate this statement to EU-Austria.
In December, the European Court of Justice had endorsed this possibility in one area. The country was then the most bitter member of the EU. Also, a further export claim would not be eliminated.

Ein Rückzug vom
Brexit-Antrag is very much like an unwarranted one. Beim Referendum in the year

6 saw 17.4 million Britons and Britons vote for EU-Austria. kaum
one British politician will soon be doing it, unmistakably
a second volume of abstinence.

United Kingdom should actually own
March 29 from the European Union. Prime Minister Theresa May joined the EU for an extension of the deadline to end June. The EU states shift this on April 12, demanding that the request be restarted, that the house is handled by them. This was the case with the British name badges every third. Parliament President John Bercow stopped a shit. Theresa May droht zudem eRolte ihres cabinet.

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