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Subway blocks: commuters hunt for climate activists – News

On Thursday, a severe suspension was reached on Thursday because the subway was blocked.

Full subways in the morning are not pleasant. Especially if you are late to come to work and have to squeeze through the masses again and again. On Thursday morning, however, the throng also stops. Then the trains line Jubilee stands.

There were then two activists of the Extinction Rebellion. At the Channing Town station, they stretched the banner over a subway, with the headline: "Business as usual = death" ("Weitermachen wie bisher = Tod").

Bürgermeister condemned blockade

The commuters, however, only had little understanding for the action and initially began to insult the activists verbally. Then the Londoners burned the fuses: First they keep the two with Essen, then an annoyed passenger jumped high and tore a blocker round. The girl showed little grace and wondered how wild the man was. Security personnel had to step in to calm the situation halfway.

The police arrested the two peacekeepers and brought them away. In total, four persons are to be detained.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, condemned the blockade, reported Sky News. The action was not only counterproductive and dangerous, but also unlawful. Besides, the disarray would have unfairly charged the "without even overloaded police". Khan urged protesters to a peaceful protest, located within the legal framework.

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