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Stock Express – ORENDA Inc. publishes gagreiches Shooter "Alien Cruise" game right at the right time

Tokyo (ots / PRNewswire) – ORENDA Inc. with Sitz in Tokyo has the Shooter "Alien Cruise" game for Nintendo Switch (TM) on March 14, 2019 (Saturday) on the entire world light.

– Game presents charming art style for Nintendo Switch (TM) in Europe –

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What is Alien Cruise?

Alien Cruise presents itself as a hand-seized Shooter game with a pop design that reads a nostalgic feel. Despite the adornment, the game roads of the many Gags, which are housed in masterpieces from the past, make the original fascination attacks of the enemy gross.

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https://drive.google.com/drive / folders / 1


Four common pilots bring chaos and disturbance to various planets

This player controls the spacecraft of four common pilots. One can choose from a healthy selection of figures (boar, carotene, potato or tomato alien) one space shade for each pilot.

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https://drive.google.com / drive / folders / 1fDgIDqx7V5RYm8giUp9gvvSw-hxjT

Combat Promotional Digger with 2 Players

In the Multiplayer mode, these games can play 2 local co-operatives. When one player has wasted all the lives, this waiver of the remaining lives of other players can be rewarded. Similarly, this element may be inverted. The player can therefore either master their strength or create a sense of urgency, because of failures and simplicity in the multiplayer mode. You should therefore try, play games together with a friend.

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Product collection of Alien Cruise (European Version)

Title: Alien Cruise

Herausgeber: ORENDA Inc.

Release Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Price: EUR 9.99

Options: Nur as Download Available [19659002] Genre: Shooter Game

Angemesses Age: From 13 years

Platform: Nintendo Switch (TM)

Number Player: 1-2

Sprachunterstützung: Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional, simplified),
Italian, French, German, Spanish

Official video:

(C) 2019 Cotton Game.
Reissued by

Official W ebseite: https://orenda.co.jp/
ORENDA official YouTube channel:

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