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Stock Express – Beer-prone empty

The beer prairies have their rain in the morning
Tuesday continues. Ein Barrel (159 liters) of Nordseesorte Brent
costing US $ 74.61. Das were 57 Cent more than am
Montag. There is an award for a barrel of American black West Texas
Intermediate (WTI) increased by 1.00 dollars to 66.56 dollars.

This Monday is the Ölpreise im Aufwind. The US government hated
embark on this tag, from May no exceptions to this
Exposures from Iran to be heard. Somit out of the USA
Italy, Greece, Turkey, China, India, Japan, South Korea
and Taiwan sanctions, if they are iranian
should look. Beer is the big one of Iranian people.

Rohstoff experts at Commerzbank raise a question that China is
the USA chews and chews no more from Iran. "Ob the USA
Indeed, there is a lot to do and sanctions against China
If you are, you will also find yourself on the lazy trading conversation
exciting question. "/ jsl / he


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