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Stock Exchange – WDH / Frankfurt Stocks: Dax cannot have the conquered mark of 11,500 points

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FRANKFURT (AP AFX) – The German stock market has on Friday
and its loss during this turbulent trading week
braked. Tail winds came from vague relaxation signals in
US-Chinese trade dispute and interest rate expectations for the euro area.

Dax was able to take back those who were in early trade
But did not include the mark of 11,500 points and recorded late
Tomorrow only 0.59 percent higher at 11 480.37 meters. so
the leading index represents a weekly decline of about 1.8 percent

According to UBS, 11,500 points will arrive on Friday
a special meaning as well. Will Dax this weekend
The correction movement should end, they believe
Technical experts. However, under 1

1,500 points it would be
the "bear" in the favor.

MDax sharing medium German
Represented last Friday increased by 0.98 percent
at 24,623.14 points. EuroStoxx 50 as the leading index
The euro area increased by about 0.7 percent.

Recent comments from US President Donald Trump signal
According to observers, the United States is seeking an early settlement of
Customs conflicts with China are of interest. Donald Trump did it
clearly both sides want to do something, but called
no details. Marketing expert Thomas Altmann from asset manager QC
Partners spoke of a positive sign, but it was a breakthrough
still far away.

Comments from the head of the Finnish central bank gave interest rate optimism
Olli Rehn, who fought for a noticeable relief from the ECB's monetary policy.
"It is important that we have a comprehensive and effective September
Package, "Rehn said on Thursday the US financial newspaper" Wall
Street Journal. "With financial markets in mind,
to exceed expectations rather than fail.

On the corporate side, it was much quieter on Friday,
after the quarterly reporting season is almost over. shares
the German Euroshop dropped more at the end of MDax
than a 3 percent discount. Sales and operating profit (Ebit) for
Shopping centers specialized real estate investors stagnated
largely during the first half of the year. The figures came from the analysts
Negative, however.

On top of Dax, the shares in Agricultural Chemicals and
Pharmakonzerns Bayer following a purchase recommendation by
Bank of America approximately 2 percent. The taillight was the shares in
Lufthansa downstream with a minus of
0.9 percent continued

A purchase recommendation from the British bank HSBC song
Fielmann shares by 1.9 percent to EUR 61.60
rise. Optician chain's long-term growth prospects
be intact, says analyst Paul Rossington. He also referred
insisted that the newspapers in the last two months be completed
gave and thus again would have the Potential.

The titles of Freenet increased by 1.8
Percent. The mobile communications company had announced that
Major shareholder in Sunrise at the general meeting in
Swiss telecom companies against the planned capital increase to
Approval of UPC vote. The purchase price of 6.3 billion
Franconia is too high, said Freenet chief Christoph Vilanek.

Ceconomy share certificates fell to sixth
Stock market day in a row and decreased by another 4 percent. so
summed the price minus since Thursday last week now
about a quarter of the market value. The day before, the shares were in
Electronics retailers are also below the 200-day average line
fell as an indicator of the long-term trend

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