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Stock Exchange – OTS: Axel Springer SE / Ariane Melanie Springer and Axel Sven Springer …

Ariane Melanie Springer and Axel Sven Springer sell parts of their

Axel Springer share in KKR

Berlin (ots) – Investor KKR today announced that

the grandson of the company's founder Axel Springer, Ariane Melanie

and Axel Sven Springer, have decided to publish the voluntary

public takeover offer by Traviata II S.à r.l. for some

of its shares in Axel Springer SE. Traviata II S.à

is a holding company owned by funds advised by KKR

. [1] According to this, Ariane Melanie Springer and Axel Sven Springer are for

shares, which represents a total of about 3.7 percent of Axel's share capital

Springer SE will accept the takeover offer during the current

additional acceptance period. With their remaining shares

they remain as independent shareholders in the company

"My sister and I are convinced of the entrepreneurial concept

for the far-reaching development of Axel Springer

therefore the takeover offer and want to follow the remaining part

of our participation change and growth of the company

"said Axel Sven Springer.

Axel Springer shareholders who still own their shares Not bidding

accept the offer within the additional acceptance period

which ends on August 21

, 2019 at 24:00 (CEST).

About Axel Springer

Axel Springer is a media and

active in more than 40 countries with the information offered by their

various media brands (including BILD, WELT, BUSINESS INSIDER,

POLITICO Europe) and classified portals (StepStone Group and AVIV

Group) Axel Springer SE helps people make free choices for their lives [19659002] The transition from traditional print media house

to Europe's leading digital publishing house is now successfully completed

The next goal has been set: accelerated growth

will make Axel Springer a world leader in the digital market

and in digital headings. The company has its headquarters

in Berlin and employs more than 16,300 people

worldwide. During fiscal year 2018, Axel Springer generated 71

percent of revenue and 84 percent of revenue (EBITDA) with

digital activity.

OTS: Axel Springer SE

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