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Stock Exchange Newspaper: Recession in March / Comment by Kai Johannsen on the Predictability of Zine Structure Curves | 08/16/19

Frankfurt (ots) – When you meet someone who is not with me
a recession to the US economy and other economies
count, then you should ask this person if they know at all,
was a recession. Then the signals that are present
Bond markets are coming, showing unequivocally where the voyage enters
Things are going well. For fear that the US trade conflict is not
only to inflict smaller injuries in the economy, but completely
severe impairments to economic development
interrupt, trigger a recession, steer
Builders have been looking for safe harbors for weeks and months, so be safe
Staatsanleihen. The course that has been redeemed, respectively. Rendite image says
then, why are you hiring? In the past
were the pronounced safe signals for the further
economic development.

Through these purchases more secure government loans became the returns of the
Regarding papers still being suppressed. This leads to
Zero and Negative Returns. A phenomenon that has been known since the end of 201

ist. To still be able to find positive bond yields, migrate
the builders continue to retrace the curvature curve, with the result that
also in the long-run areas that yields more and more
falling and eventually slipping into Minus. So give it in the meantime
Countries whose total yield curve ranges from two to 20, 30
or 50 years of residual running time is completely minus.

The start made the state bond market Denmark in July. Kurze
Later Switzerland followed. For a few days, too
Curve of Federal Cases Ins Negative. One tag will later be closed
to the Netherlands. On Friday, the Fifth Member will join
entered the Club of the States with a complete bond curve
have a rotary index: Sweden.

One negative yield respectively. the fact that the curve in Minus
is, of course, no reliable recession signal. Sie
says alas, how great is the fear of investors for a recession
is, because it suppresses the associated escape movement
Assets off, therefore, can be used as a corresponding measuring knife for these
Insecurity was re-sucked. A very good signal generator is aber
the curve formation. In the US, though, the curve is still positive
Area lying, is the curve of state instructors of three
Months to ten years and since the past week too
Curve of two to ten years of residual time in US bonds
completely inverted. What it means: Three-month and two-year
Bond yields lie beyond the ten-year sentence. That pose a caller
in any such formation of the curve it must be that
Note bank of the weak or in recession
Economy in the long run with low performance under the poor
must grab. This signal was very secure in the past,
yet, every recession in the United States went into the past 50 years
an inversion of the sentence structure curve – one in the range of three
Months and ten years of rest time – in advance.

Also showed the analysts of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW)
however, an inverse yield structure in common as one
best recession indicator applies. So should the curve steepness
the central input factor of some models of the New York Fed said, um
the likelihood of a recession in the next twelve months
einzuschätzen. The model is currently showing one
Recession probability of 31.5% and lie in it
Dimensions that are already in place for past recessions
wurden. And the US is with your inverse curve and not alone.
Also Canada's sentence structure curve is inverted, the British curve
that's their American-Canadian Pendants in the last days
Gleich. The British have once again inverted since 2008
Curve, the USA since 2007.

Und die Bund-Curve? These ten-year returns are falling
thick. Up to the record low of minus 0.727% it went on Friday
herunter. The 30-year bond yield is certainly very strong
Pressure, here's the record measured on Friday with minus 0.313%.
The yield of two-year papers also falls, but not so strong.
By doing so, the curve always engages more. Spacing between them
only two and ten years are still around 20 basis points.
Maybe you read yes soon, the next novum in the market there
Observe federal loans, though a completely flat curve, which
then transmitted in the inversion. New would be to say that this
Phenomena then replayed in negative yield range.

(Stock Exchange Newspaper, 17.08.2019)

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