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Stock Exchange – Merhaba, Wirecard! Innovative payment service provider on course for expansion to Turkey

Man, what was the stock of Wirecard (WKN: 747206) for a momentum even in the new stock market week? There was a new, exciting collaboration as well as some criticism within the framework of the bond issue project. In addition, the collaboration with SoftBank and the management of the innovative payment service provider also announced an increase of 2025 Vision in addition to the increase in the conservative forecast for 2020. As I said, a hot stock market week.

By the end of this week, the innovative payment service provider will be able to attract attention with another partnership. Let's see where the journey goes at this time and what significance this additional mosaic particle in the puzzle can have for this growth story.

Wirecard cooperates with booking agency

As the DAX group announced at the end of this week, you will participate in the future Enuygun is working together. Behind this name hides a Turkish online booking agency for air travel, which already has some milestones. In addition, the company refers to itself as the leading online booking service for air travel in this region, with which Wirecard could once again become a well-known partner. Although this name may not tell us anything.

Currently, up to 1

7 million users visit the site every month, and the company already handles 5 million airline ticket sales per year. This collaboration can therefore add significant volume to Wirecard's growth history. Apart from any further growth, which should also have some momentum for the future.

Together, the two collaborators want to optimize Enuygun's digital payments in the future. Wirecard will mainly deal with credit card payments, which is anything but unusual when booking air travel. Definitely another exciting partnership that the innovative payment service provider has been able to remove at the end of this week. But we are already used to a certain number of hits.

Big name in an underdeveloped region!

Enuygun should therefore be another big name that has been added to the Wirecard customer portfolio. The 5 million bookings per year will certainly have a high volume of transactions, from which the DAX payment service provider will reduce its share in the future. This will add another volume to the million range, perhaps even significantly more, especially as online bookings continue to be a rapidly growing market.

However, the region is also interesting in connection with this partnership. In Turkey, Wirecard has so far rarely been able to shine with larger and more prominent collaborations. Possibly, this step will open up another growth market, at least as long as other Turkish companies become aware of Wirecard in search of an innovative payment service provider.

The regional expansion of the DAX group is also gaining momentum. Investors can therefore sometimes also follow the dynamics that arise here. In addition to the qualitative growth dynamics, which in the meantime can no longer be dismissed in the meantime.

You probably already know every conclusion

Well, what should I say in the end? The growth story is alive. Growth is gaining momentum. Forecasts can be increased. All of this has been headlines in recent days that have moved Wirecard.

Critics are currently finding it difficult to find a hair in the growth soup of this innovative payment service provider. Although some really try.

Is this the next wirecard?

Wirecard rose almost 2,000%. Now there is a promising "successor" who can soon take the lead. Just last year the share went public. With + 49% revenue growth (2018) and a fantastic margin of 52% (before taxes and depreciation), the company captivates analysts, while its platform attracts the best performing Internet retailers around the world and is already over 3 Reached billions of people. Is it a new technology giant growing up? Read all the details here:

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Vincent owns Wirecard shares. Motley Fool recommends SoftBank.

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