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Stock Exchange Express – US Note Bank pumps another $ 75 billion into the money market

The American Nut Bank Fed did
US banks provided additional liquidity for the third day in succession. Es
were pumped another 75 billion dollars into the money market, was
met the Fed on Thursday in Washington. A sum arises
an amount of more than $ 200 billion, which the Fed denies
Banks as overnight money over special securities business (Repos)

The Fed's money springs have the strained position in
The interbank market calms the sexes. Still the zins for
Banking liquidity rose to ten percent on Tuesday
on Thursday, it was substantially lower at about two percent. As a reason
For this effort, experts call a high liquidity requirement
American companies from tax reasons are currently high
Offered in US government bonds. The latter were frequently used by US banks
erworben. Against the background of the high fees offered again
high housekeeping deficit to the government.

US Emergency Bank Chief Jerome Powell had a meeting on Wednesday evening
executed to the tensions in the money market. He said niece
worried, the Fed has the matter in the grip, still soft there
Interest meeting of the central bank. As an accompanying measure, the Fed hated it
the interest rate surplus reserves (IOER) decrease significantly as Ihr
Target band for the Fed Funds Rate. The Nut Bank has all Instruments
available to obtain the liquidity pass, Powell said.
the financial crisis before ten years. They seem like one another
Cause to have. From time to time there was high distrust of the banks there
auschlaggebende Grund. This time it gives a lot of reasons. zu
the aforementioned factors are added to that Fed
Securities balance sheet as part of the monetary penalty
past years has diminished. Appropriately minor is also
the Liquidity in the Banking Sector. However, she still is
substantially higher than before the financial crisis, it was gigantic
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