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Stock Exchange Express – dpa-AFX Overview: ECONOMY from 23.04.2019

ECB director Coeuré expresses skepticism in mitigating
Negative interest

FRANKFURT – board member Benoit Coeuré has
Hopes to mitigate the ECB's negative interest rate are dampened. "IN
Right now I see the monetary policy argument for one
Not amazing, "he told the" Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung "
(Tuesday). The negative deposit rate was not the biggest problem
European banks are struggling with low profitability,
he said. Money houses should think more about their costs.

Euro area: Consumer confidence is surprisingly disappearing

LUXEMBOURG – Consumer confidence in the euro area has deteriorated
April surprisingly cloudy. The corresponding indicator is in
Compared to the previous month, 0.7 points fell to minus 7.9 points,
informed the European Commission on Tuesday in Luxembourg. economists
on the other hand, it had expected an increase to minus 7.0 points.

USA: The number of new buildings is surprisingly increasing


1; In the United States, the number of new buildings sold in the United States
Mars rose surprisingly. Sales were 4.5 percent
climbed up from the previous month, said
US Department of Commerce on Tuesday in Washington. economists
had, however, expected a decrease of 2.7 per cent.

ROUNDUP: Seniors pay more tax – 48 000 extra

BERLIN – Seniors have in recent years more and more
Paid income tax. Available after the last official
Statistics 2014 is already well over 32 billion in income tax
from taxpayers with pension income to the state, it was
just over 26 billion three years earlier. This is from am
Monday in Berlin published responses from the federal government
a request from the FDP. The magazine "Bild" first reported
about it. Due to valid deadlines and time to official
Statistics would not be newer data. Good 4.4 million
People and cohabiting couples with pension income must
most recently paid taxes.

USA: house prices are less than expected – FHFA

NEW YORK – US house prices are lower in February
than expected. The FHFA housing price index closed the month before
by 0.3 percent, as the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) on
Tuesday in New York announced. Analysts had an increase around
0.5 percent is expected. During the previous month in January, house prices were about 0.6

UK Prime Minister may threaten new revolt in her party

LONDON – UK Prime Minister Theresa May must face up
possibly earlier than expected a new uncertainty belief
their party. This was reported by the British "Telegraph" on
Tuesday. Consequently, May may be forced out of service on June 12
she should not soon get a date for her departure

Macron and Abe want to work together for the G7 and G20 summits

PARIS – France and Japan want to work for the G7 summit
and the G20 countries work closely together. The insured
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and French Head of State
Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday in Paris. The summit led by Japan
The G20 group is scheduled for late June in Osaka, France
host the seven major big meetings
Economic nations (G7) in Biarritz at the end of August

The decline in arms exports continues – Low quarterly figures

BERLIN – The downward trend in German arms exports continues
on. From 1 January to 31 March, the federal government approved
Deliveries worth EUR 1.12 billion, less than
2018 average per quarter (EUR 1.21 billion). It works
from a response from the Federal Ministry of Finance to a question
Green MEP Omid Nouripour, the German

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