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Starting shot: Jan Schlaudraff starts in the management of Hannover 96

On your grades, put yourself, go. The place for Jan Schlaudraff has been reserved as chief assistant since January, the separation of chief Horst Heldt has gone through no later than Tuesday, on Monday, Schlaudraff really started.

"I was in the office this morning and then I went over to the stadium to talk to the players," says the 35-year-old in an interview with 96.

Schlaudraff works with Zuber

From now on, Schlaudraff and sports director Gerhard Zuber be responsible for troop planning for the coming season – everything

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"There are many decisions in the squad on"

Schlaudraff should actually only officially start July 1 (contract until 2021), but is now being launched after the Gladbach game. The First Tasks: Gather interesting players, talk about contracts with 96 professionals, prepare sales, and get to know Thomas Doll. On Sunday, the ex-96 professional already spoke to the coach and the team, on Monday he was for the first time in the office at his new workplace.

"There are many decisions within the team and around the team, and it is important for all concerned to know that they have a contact person," explained Schlaudraff.

Schlaudraff takes the helmet

It will be time before a Schlaudraff Kind confirmed the interest in Paderborn's CEO Sport Markus Krösche (38). "We have to deal with him," said Kind. But it will not be easy to get Krösche bound by 2022. RB Leipzig should also target the Hanover – born squad planner as an alternative to Christoph Metzelder

At 96, Dietmar Beiersdorfer also continues an overall director. Schlaudraff takes over the helm, with helmsman Kind until all managers are ready, probably after Easter.

"We need a new beginning and a vision "

" As soon as a manager has been found, I move to the post. We need a new start and a vision that makes everyone feel comfortable in the team and with what people shoes that are close to 96 can identify, "says Schlaudraff.

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