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Start of FC Bayern against Hertha BSC: Four places are still to be forgiven

On Friday gilt's for FC Bayern. After weeks of preparation and grueling transfer discussions, Munich started against Hertha in the new Bundesliga season. For Niko Kovac, it is important to make some difficult decisions.

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Although the Munich squad is still considered too small and missed new entry Ivan Perisic the game because of a lock, Bayern coach Niko Kovac on several positions on Friday the Qual of Election.

Our look at the possible lineup and the most important duel in one place in the starting line:

Formation: 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1

The first decision that Kovac has to make , the formation, after the Bayern coach in the course of the pre-season, transformed the preferred 4-3-3 into a 4-2-3-1, in order to defend more stable counter-attack. In the preparation, Kovac is now again setting itself frequently to a 4-3-3.

Because Thiago here as the only Sixer against Dortmund is often welded alone, the discussion of new began. Anything other than that regularly tested 4-3-3 to the auction would be a surprise anyway. All the logical second sixer Javi Martínez is missing at the time.

Tor: Manuel Neuer

Neuer will once again attack correctly in the fall of his career. It can be detected on all planes. His counselor demands news access, Neuer is self-focused and motivated for a long time. The captain is naturally seated in the gate.

Abwehr: Boateng or Pavard?

At the outer positions of the four-chain everything is clear. Joshua Kimmich and David Alaba are in front of the contract set by Hertha. Also, if Kimmich is ever again with a change in the midfield central league, with his busy offensive game on the right subway is important for the Munich game.

Alaba had a strong season behind her and wanted to get in touch.

It is exciting to be in the Abbey Center. For 80-million-man Lucas Hernandez, a start-up single is still a joy. That at least the Cottbus could at least be redeemed, is a good sign.

Niklas Süle goes as a regular player this season. The place next to me is struggling. Jerome Boateng, who was already written off, convinced in the preparation with strong rebuilding and many winning doubles.

Against Cottbus, world champion Benjamin Pavard dared to start and make his case very solid. He radiates more rest as a boateng. In the player opening Boateng is risk-averse and very valuable.

Both are not separated from the form much, but Boateng should hardly have the nose before the preparation.

Mittelfeld: Who helped Thiago?

Im Mittelfeld Kovac the most possibilities. The appropriate partner was sought for Thiago in the Mittelfeldzentrale. The Bavarians tried it here in the last few weeks with the most diverse combinations. Goretzka, Tolisso, Sanches and Müller heat the candidates for both places next to the Spanish noble engineer.

Müller must hope that Kovac will put him on a 4-2-3-1, then would be the central position behind Lewandowski for the German free. On the wing, Coman and Gnabry are significantly better. At eight, he had significantly less experience.

Clear: Kovac appreciates Tolisso's robust play, which complements Thiagos play well. His achievements in the test games were rarely convincing. Sanches must be considered the winner of the preparation and favored Cottbus with one of his best performances in the Bayern jersey.

A startelf single came, however, surprisingly for the often lucky Portuguese. Goretzka and Tolisso are actually very similar in terms of play, in common. Here, Kovac must therefore make a really difficult decision.

Attack: Lewandowski or nix, was it with Müller?

The Polish national hero remains the Munich guarantor. In addition, if he even demands a backup, Lewandowski is still our only right on the other side. Re-entry Arp is currently a topic at most as a Joker. Lewandowski is further said to have gaps in the mutual defensive search and fix point in the penalty room.

Next to me, he must start from the present form Coman and Gnabry. Mueller recently played interchangeably. Mostly on the wings went mostly lucky. Against Cottbus in Pokal, Müller was very weak on the right wing on Monday.

One argument for Müller: Gnabry is also very joker-like and needs little time to run. It is conceivable that Kovac should have this option from the bank.

Seven of the eleven starting places are therefore pretty much hidden before the auction. Hertha under new coach Ante Covic is harder to calculate than in the past. Kovac will not orient itself, but build on its own strengths. Nevertheless, he must make some decisive decisions by Friday evening.

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