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Sport is best for weight loss at this time of day!

Effects of daytime sporting activity on weight loss

At what time of day you exercise can affect how successful you are in losing weight. But what time of day is the best time to train for the desired weight loss?

A Brown Alpert Medical School study found that the time of day people spend exercising affects their weight loss. The results of the study have been published in the English journal "Obesity."

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Does it make any difference to the success of losing weight at what time people train? (Photo: VadimGuzhva / fotolia.com)

Increased weight loss through exercise at the right time?

The study looked at the question of whether it makes a difference to weight loss when people end their sports education. Is there a difference, and if so, what time of day should a sports training be given to get the best results for weight loss?

The study included 375 people

For this purpose, the researchers studied 375 adults who had achieved weight loss could maintain it and perform moderate to intense physical exercise. The authors asked the participants to indicate the time of day and how often the study went out for their studies.

The result of morning training was the greatest success

After analyzing the results, it was found that most people who had successfully reduced their weight were exercised in the morning. It was obviously important to carry out the training consistently at a certain time and not to vary the time for exercise too much. Training at the same time of day always meant that the participants were consistently trained regularly. The researchers emphasize that regularity was above all crucial, whether people exercised consistently in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Additional Research Needed

The results provide a good basis for future experimental studies where it should be investigated whether the time when planned and structured physical activity can help individuals achieve and maintain a higher physical activity, reports the authors. It is also important to determine if there is a certain time of day that is more beneficial for individuals with low initial physical activity to develop a habit of physical activity, the researchers explain.


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