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Sport: FRAME: Strasser is on course


Christoph Strasser is at Race Across America (RAAM) next to Course direction Rekordsieg. The Steirer is more than 200 kilometers ahead of them, as Mark Spokesman Marko Baloh.

Around 1,700 strasser of a total of 4,940 km has been delivered for the time being. After the hot tubs in California and Arizona, 34-year-olds are fighting against the snow-covered Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Dabei changes are by no means unspoilt times the angular conditions massive: from 40 degrees in roof to degrees across zero in the rocky Mountains. The highest point of the RAAM has passed through the Wolf Creek Pass (3,300 m) passed.

On Record Course

Strasser was able to get the RAAM to a total of six times wins and as the worst tile player to third-class wins. The Rekordzeit set up on damals 80 km kürzerer Strecke with seven days, 1

5 hours and 56 minutes on 2014.

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