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Spaghettimonsterkirche seht voor Menschenrechtsgericht | Tyrolean lessons online – News from now!

Strasbourg – Even legal districts in Germany, the satirical "Church of the Passing Spaghetti Samples" comes to the European Court of Human Rights (EGMR). At the Court of First Instance, a complaint of the United States was registered and registered, and there was a speech on Monday. In Germany, the anti-clerical ordinance was sucked by all the authorities.

Unsuccessful the legal line by a single shield for a "noodle knife", which was placed in the city entrance of Templin in the Uckermark in 2014 – under the painting, on those Catholic and evangelical church on our Gods service side. That congregation lies at the heart of "noodle-knife", desirous of the early days of the morning. both of them large Christian churches. Daher dürfe only put on any mess paints. The Federal Court of Justice ruled on the injunction of the United States.

Our ruling court of human rights, which is the constitution, said a "world-renowned congregation" and would like to be a sound criticism and religion and dogmatism. They were hindered by the divisions. Therefore, Germany disagrees with the Discrimination Ban. When the rigorous court of law examines the complaint and falls into an office, it was by no means known.

Background of the "Pastafaris"

The "Church of the Nasty Spaghetti Samples" has their Wurzeln in the USA. In the year 2005, you protest against the equitable treatment of evolutionary theory and the sacred instincts of sexual orientation as competing scientific truths. In Germany, Angaben is still more than one thousand. In the case of so-called knives, the single parish minister appointed members of the joint body of beer and beer.

In Austria, one of the Church's following spaghetti monsters was on the legal personality as a religious community of knowledge in the year 2014 negatively devised. Speaking of the Cultural Counsel who through the Pastafaris provided Articles of Association does not coincide with the formal Criteria des Bekenntnisgemeinschaftsgeszes. (APA / AFP)

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