Sestriere – The prominent and successful Italian skier Sofia Goggia – she won the Olympic Gold Medal 2018 on downhill and this year The silver medal in Super-G at the world championship in Åre – "built" in the famous Italian winter sports town of Sestriere an incredible accident.

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According to the first results, 27 years old was at the wheel of her Audi, when the vehicle suddenly had to slow down in front of her. To avoid a rear collision, Sofia Goggia ripped the wheel. As a result, the 27-year-old lost control of her vehicle on a snowy road. Audi broke out of the way and landed on the roof of a car parked under the road.

Facebook / Marco Di Marco

Fortunately, the spectacular accident ended very well. As confirmed by the Italian winter sports association Fisi, the young skier did not lead at all, but only a violent shock. To make sure of his many loyal fans at home and abroad, Sofia Goggia also later went to her Facebook page.

Domani sono in copertina su Sports Week .It is a number that you always have to do with all motives, motivation and motivation …

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"I know that you taught me about my accident, but I assure you I'm fine. As we say, I promise you to come back on the right lane, "says the humorous, sympathetic and beautiful Olympic champion from Bergamo.

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