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Smartphone bank N26 expands

D Berlin smartphone bank N26 is expanding its presence in Europe. From Wednesday, the euro-denominated N26 accounts will be offered in Denmark, Norway, Poland and Sweden for the first time, "said International Operations Manager Alex Weber. In a few weeks, Iceland and Liechtenstein would be added. Entry into the six new countries is an important step towards a pan-European bank.

According to Weber, about 10,000 people are enrolled in waiting lists, of which about 95 percent have expressed interest in European products. "It's mainly about customers, how they like to travel and who have a lot to do with people in the euro area," Weber says. The financial risk is limited: "With the first customers, the project is immediately profitable." CEO Valentin Stalf has set the target for the second quarter of 201

9 despite enlargement to beat the black one.

N26 is in 2015 at the beginning now has 1.5 million customers in 24 European countries. Some time ago, the United Kingdom went, where the test phase should be completed soon. "In a few weeks, our local product will be available to the public at large." In the coming year, enrichers want to offer their services in America. In addition, they target Switzerland. "I'm convinced that we will be available in Switzerland in the next year," Weber says.

Investors of the N26 include the Munich-based insurance giant Allianz and the Chinese internet company Tencent.

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