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"Sing my song": Oerding came in pajamas – TV

The last evening at "Sing My Song" they finally got to sing together! In the traditional duet section, two musicians especially use the chance to let go.

If the performance otherwise resides from completely deep, conciliatory, moving and undulating appearances, Johannes Oerding (37) claims to have: "Just make a monkey".

Because: In the last section, the musicians do not interpret a single colleague's song, but may also perform their favorite songs again in the duets – the pressure was out, the more fun the bigger.

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Photo: TVNOW / Markus Hertrich

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Jeanette Biedermann sang with Michael Patrick Kelly Photo: TVNOW / Markus Hertrich

Oerding also believed that: "I no longer feel like I was playing in front of the music police. (…) I think that It will be a highlight with the duets tonight.You can already feel such an incredible loyalty. "Or as moderated by Michael Patrick Kelly (41):" We no longer sing to each other, but together. "

Singing with Sunnyboy Alvaro Soler (28) Oerding his song "Kreise", had designed a very special outfit: a blend of pajamas and ponchos …

In themselves a swipe at the strange clothing range of Alvaro Soler! The song also interpreted the song exceptionally with a Latin version where both played the air trumpet.

Oerding outfit did not forget all! After the performance Kelly immediately called, "John, take that shit again." Wincent Weiss (26) said, "Then I imagine Johannes on vacation." And Jeannette Biedermann (39) betrayed the blinking: "These were really original Alvaro's clothes, you have to say. It's from the parapet of his parrot."

Afterward, Oerding became more serious, encountered Jeannette Biedermann on a small recurring occasion: After twelve years she sang her first hit "Rock my life" again. For Biederman a very important moment: "John has assured me that I am in love with this song."

Finally, Michael Patrick Kelly lifted another quote: "There is a great sense of Nietzsche:" Das Leben without music would be a mistake. ""

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Photo: TVNOW / Markus Hertrich

" data-zoom-src = "https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/zu -ich-will-nach-hause-thanks-sich-den-musikern-in-the-band 201166699-62875656 / bild / 1.bild.jpg "/>

The musicians thank the band for "I do not want to go home" Photo: TVNOW / Markus Hertrich

The last pictures of the show touched: All musicians sang Oerding's fire "I do not want at home" is in each other's arms, hovering …

"And I don't want to go home yet
Because it's just so good
All this here to see here
And I don't want to go home
It's just so good
To go now. "

They are right!

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