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"Silent Run I and II": the first two runs at the Vienna Central Cemetery

  Joggers should become aware of the running tracks, where the sport is more desirable.

Joggers should be informed of the running tracks where sport is more desirable.
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Vienna Central Cemetery receives two tracks. These are the "Silent Run I and II" boxes suitable for the location. The opening ceremony will take place on May 25th.

The Viennese cemeteries are used by many people for walking, Nordic walking or running. Many wineries use the burial sites for recreation, relaxation and sports, as they often constitute a natural oasis in the city situation.

Vienna Central Cemetery: First two run courses opened

To cope with this development, the cemeteries Vienna has something special to come by. Health promotion between graves: At the central cemetery in Vienna there are now two signs with tracks. Joggers should also be cautiously pointed out, where the sport is more desirable and there less, says Renate Niklas, CEO of Friedhöfe Vienna, on Friday at the presentation. But it is still allowed to run away the beaten track, as long as the behavior is respectful and appropriate. "

The goal is to start at Gate 2. The shorter two-kilometer stretch leads first through the broad avenue of the President's crypt, then circles the Charles Borromeo Church arcades and goes back to the starting point. Further deeper into the green cemetery area It is on the five-kilometer-long Route 2. There are, among other things, the oldest single grave, dated 1874. Much up and down it is not on both roads. Five height meters must be overcome.

In the entrance area (Gate 2) is An overview table with guidance and information on the respective driving routes The routes are measured with GPS and the routes are signposted.

The name "Silent Run" conceals a deeper meaning, which is intended to create awareness for the many dead. is a place for peace and reflection.On Friday, the overview boards of the running tracks have already been revealed.

"Silent Run I and II" in Vienna: Opening on 25 May

The opening ceremony for the two tracks will take place on May 25th. Referring to this, the first driving event takes place in Vienna Central Cemetery. Revenue from the revenue for the current events benefits PH Austria – Initiative Pulmonary Hypertension and Lung Children Research Association.

"The cemetery as a place for contemplation and as a living environment does not contradict. I think it is a beautiful thought, our deceased in our lives to participate. Events like these are intended to arouse interest for our beautiful cemeteries and invite them to visit, "says the CEO of Friedhöfe Vienna Renate Niklas.

The opening ceremony at the Vienna Central Cemetery will take place on May 25 from 10.30 to 15.30. It will take place at Vienna Central Cemetery at the entrance via Gate 2.

Opening ceremony: Decay

Ceremonial opening of the runway at 10:30 am

Kidsrun 1.25km: Start at 11.00 – The awards ceremony at. 11:25

] Adult Run 5km: Start 11:20 – End of 12:05

Adult Drive 10km: Start 12:10 – End 13:40

Opening hours "Silent Run I and II": Registration for current event from March 11

] Then the prize ceremony for the winners of 5 km and 10 km takes place. The opening will musically follow the band "DIE3". A registration is possible as of March 11, 2019.

The musical framework of the opening is designed by the band "DIE3".


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