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Select "Schmerz und Ruhm" for Pedro Almodovar in Cannes – Vorarlberger News

Spanish director Pedro Almodovar is on Friday Friday celebrating the Premiere seine films "Dolor y Gloria" ("Schmerz und Ruhm") at the Cannes Film Festival with my long, enthusiastic applause. With said chief artist Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz, who plays Mother Rückblenden afterwards, the photographers captured the images on the rugs. Remembrances and their lively homeliness will be. Banderas loves in the trolleys a bow-lined reef racking – galvanized, rugged and usable. A greedy wolf, who has always devastated the beast, and reluctantly denounced their caressing and crouching with cocaine. One can only hope for the 69-year-old director that this film is not fully autobiographical.

In Rückblenden, the protagonist as wahres wunderkind is painted, reads the früh and can write, as a sprinkler of a poor family and has a lone chance: with a scholarship on the priesthood has been settled. There was a family run ̵

1; etwas, ihn das ganze Leben was charged. Through the demand for a cinematic, one-time movie personalized feature, it receives contact with those single-head counterparts, with them wearing three-stroke 32-year war hats, as well as those with late-night friends. The weathers of both aldermen enjoys the most engaging scene of the movies – most importantly, when Salvador finds that his inferior partner is seither heterosexual and dual marvelous boy Söhne. "Dolor y Gloria" is significantly more vulnerable and funny as Examine Almodovar movies and run customized search for one works. The premier public has made the film a reality. Should the Jury also be included, then that exclamation would not necessarily innovate them, considering the nostalgic cinema gills.

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