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Seenotretter: Salvini reads unaccompanied minors from the Open Arms table

Abroad "Against My Will"

Salvini reads minors from the "Open Arms" board

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Salvini directs it to go ̵

1; Minors dared to board

On the rescue ship "Open Arms" speaks to the situation. Right now, the Interior Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini, is letting go and allowing all minors to go ashore.

Twenty-seven young migrants must have landed from the "Open Arms". 107 people have to stay on the ship. The captain had compared the situation on board with a "bomb" that could explode at any moment.

N after a long dispute and only reluctantly, Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini sent 27 unaccompanied minors from the refugee rescue ship "Open Arms" to land. The refugees arrived on Saturday with a coastguard boat in the port of the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa. Since the "Open Arms" is not yet required to be set up in Italy, the Sicilian Public Prosecutor's Office says, on suspicion of freedom of custody and abuse of office. to abandon the ship, and if it violates its "conviction". "Against My Will," as he wrote, and only since he had been bitten by Conte. The 105 adults and two accompanying minors must remain aboard.

 Some of the migrants who came from

Some of the migrants who dared to land from the "Open Arms" in Lampedusa

Source: dpa / Friedrich Bungert

A part of the refugees has been preparing for two weeks on the small rescue ship. "Open Arms" captain Marc Reig described the situation on board as "explosive" on Friday. There is a danger that refugees will rush into the sea to reach the swimming pool. "Everyone is psychologically in the end, that situation has become unbearable," he says to Spanish television station TVE.

On Saturday, Spanish TV station RTVE showed pictures and educated migrants who see the country should not enter into this. "Warum? Why? ”One man cried again. Captain Reig tried to calm down, among other resigned migrants.

"People lose patience and are very nervous," a soft-spoken reporter on board said. It is said to be difficult to enter, which is only necessary to enter 800 meters of remote island. Some migrants had threatened to jump into the water.

The immigrant hostile Lega von Salvini had placed the government coalition with the populist five-star movement in the past week. With a distrust of Prime Minister Conte, Salvini wanted to force rapid re-election. The attempt failed at first. The refugees on board the "Open Arms" often run into the center of the political crisis in Rome.

Salvini tweeted, nothing was left. "In the past 16 days you would have been able to travel to Spain in complete peace," he wrote with a glance at the Spanish origin of the NGO Proactiva Open Arms.

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on Saturday, the Sicilian prosecutor's office searched the Rome headquarters in Rome, the newspaper "La Repubblica" reported. The investigators confiscated recorded recordings of conversations between the Interior Ministry and the Coast Guard to clarify the chain of command, where "Open Arms" prevents them from entering Lampedusa. Space is under suspicion of freedom of escape and abuse of the police.

The Coast Guard had written to Salvini on Friday, an "invisible affair" of the rescue ship's "nothing in the way". The National Coordination Center for Rescue Services in Rome also ordered the Interior Minister to assign the ship to a port quickly. "of the Auxiliary Proactiva Open Arms Herum

Source: dpa / Friedrich Bungert

A further rescue vessel operating from your very own borders and SOS Mediterranean" Ocean Viking "with more than 350 refugees on board, is located further and further More between Malta and Italy.

South of Sicily was also waiting for the rescue vessel "Ocean Viking" with 356 migrants to be allowed into a safe harbor. The organizations SOS Mediterranean and your borders had brought security into more people in more loneliness. Italy and Malta deny the ship its course in its ports.

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