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Schneiderin shrugged in a week 83 hours – Vienna

Labor Chamber accepts 17,000 euros for non-paid overtime. Also had to work in the sun and holidays.

The worker was in a bridal fashion business for change cutting companies. She worked for as many weeks as 65 hours, often on weekends and holidays. In one week she worked even 83 hours. She did not receive overtime in any case.

In overtime, over tisch sucked

She received less than 40 hours less wages, if her own employment contract and the collective agreement would be allowed. The worker went to the AK, which demanded the payment of all open claims. Finally, the business also owes the open sum of 17,000 euros.


Because of these "particularly scratchy cases of Überstunden-Nepp", AK President Anderl on the huge number of unpaid overtime hours: Grab 43 Million Unpaid Hours And Hours! This is so much, if all workers would get no money and no time off for hours for two months a year. "

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