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Sarah Harrison shows dream curves in a hot bikini! But fans are looking elsewhere

Candidate candidate Sarah Harrison (28 years, formerly Sarah Nowak) is in the white bikini by the sea – Many Instagram fans stare elsewhere.

Update August 12, 2019 : Playmate Sarah Harrison (28) knows exactly how to grab attention: your photos on Instagram speak a clear language. Again and again, the 28-year-old from Günzburg can easily be seen dressed.

Sarah Harrison, who has made her name as Sarah Nowak through appearances in "The Bachelor 2015", "Celebrity Shopping Queen" or "Big Brother" Instagram has more than 2 million followers and can live on her images as influences. Her latest snapshot shows the graduate candidate in a white bikini on the beach. But their fans are looking elsewhere ̵

1; on a small bottle that Sarah Harrison has placed in the picture. "Advertising" writes the expert on social media about the hot bikini photo.

Update August 2, 2019 : Is Instagram star Sarah Harrison (27) on her latest snapshot on Instagram, below without? The 1.9 million followers are currently marveling at a photo on which the candidate candidate is wearing a red dress and chirping on a beach chair.

The fabric of a wide dress ends at the waist, Sarah Harrison looks very relaxed into the camera. But where the red dress ends, should actually be a slip to be recognized – but he is not. Do we see here the first down-without photo of the 27-year-olds? This question leaves the future bride open. What Sarah Harrison in the post reveals: "In the next few days, we will now prepare the final touches for the wedding, because in about 1.5 weeks it is already time."

The users are happy with the beautiful blonde, who is always very sexy on Instagram and proudly shows her After-Baby-Body . Only one user seems to find the alleged down-without-photo as offensive: "Rumpelstilzchen" means: "the hair real. Nails unreal. Breasts are real. Eyebrows are unreal … etc. (?) And you're still talking about" real "?!?!?!?"

Update of July 17, 2019: Greece is high on holiday travelers rate. Many are drawn to Rhodes, the legendary island where one of the world's seven wonders stood. One of the many holidaymakers is Sarah Harrison (27). The former graduate candidate was with his girls on the nearly 1,500 square mile island and has obviously made a mess of it. The beautiful blonde posted a photo of herself and showed off her full ass in a bikini – but the fans are looking elsewhere !

The image of Sarah Harrison has already had more than 150,000 likes. Then she saw with a friend, a Bussimund indicated. Celebrities show fans their elegant backside. But they look neither at Sarah Harrison's beautiful ass nor the TV blonde's girlfriend. Fans just seem to have eyes for Rhodes ! Dozens of times read how beautiful the island is. "Rhodes is just amazing," it says. Or: "I've been to Greece many times already. Especially Rhodes is a wonderful island." Curious!

Sarah Harrison will understand. Because she barely gets out of the swarm. She writes on Instagram: "What were you for wonderful days with my girls ? I highly recommend Rhodes for a bachelor party or for a trip with friends." The ex-candidate praises the food and (beach) clubs. And in addition, Rhodes has not yet been overrun by tourists, according to Sarah Harrison. [Uppdatering] July 12, 2019: Ex-graduate candidate Sarah Harrison celebrates Rhodes bachelor party with her friends in vacation paradise. The influencer takes the opportunity to pose: Sarah Harrison in her white snapshot at the pool and sits on her latest snapshot on Instagram. The 27-year-old poses happily and wears a big darker sunglasses. This view is a flash of the fans to the beautiful mother, which is clearly seen in the many comments on Instagram. "Your character is just wow", "how beautiful" or "super fun" is just a small selection of hundreds of comments. (A similar Instagram success celebrated how the daughter of actress Alec Baldwin with her bare bottom – the Hollywood dad then turned a bit on the bike …) Some of the 1.9 million followers criticize Sarah Harrison for a long time and it's therefore no longer a real hen party. But a little hatred online is good now.

June 11 Update: Sarah Harrison shows off her perfect body for almost all occasions. Whether it's in bikinis, tight pants or earlier in Playboy. Now the 27-year-old shows up in a sparkling swimsuit by the pool and draws her companion's look especially in one place: your breasts.

Sarah Harrison: Here she almost falls out of her bathing suit

The former candidate candidate lolls around the pool and has big sunglasses on her face. The photo is taken from above so you can see everything from the legs to the outstretched arms. The tight bikini focuses not only on the long legs of YouTube beauty, but also on her décolleté. Her right breast threatens to fall out of her swimsuit, which barely hides the most intimate part of her breast. And the fans really like it: "Super figure" or "Most beautiful and hottest woman on earth" are just two of the many comments. The picture has already received 160,000 likes.

The Harrisons are currently on vacation in Croatia with their family. On her YouTube channel, Sarah and Dominic Harrison already showed their villa, where they are currently relaxing with their daughter Mia Rose. Fans are probably looking forward to more hot snapshots.

Original message: Munich – Sarah Harrison (27) has been in public for many years. On Instagram, the native Bavarian has as many as 1.8 million subscribers and leads their fans through their lives with children and men. While the former Playmate once only appeared almost dressed, followers may see the young mother today in pretty clothes. But when summer has finally arrived in Germany, fans get to see hot insights – on Instagram, the 27-year-old presented in a string bikini, thus attracting everyone's attention. The comments, however, cause a movement that raises a serious issue.

Video: Stress in Sarah Harrison – Doesn't The Wedding Dress Fit?

Sarah Harrison: No bachelor – for the great love of daughter Mia Rose [19659013] Fans of Playboy magazine have known the beautiful Bavarian since 2014, when she first became Playmate under her original name Sarah Nowak. The following year, the 27-year-old was even voted "Playmate of the Year" and gained greater recognition through his participation in the fifth season of "The Bachelor". The educated banker fought for the heart of Oliver Sanne (32) in Los Angeles and retired after "Dreamdates" in Section 7. After participating in "Celebrity Big Brother", the beautiful Bavarian dedicated his YouTube channel, which today has over one million subscribers. Although the model could not find the great love for "The Bachelor", it should lie in front of the altar two years later: On November 11, 2017, Sarah Nowak and American Dominic Harrison gave the yes – then she is known under Sarah Harrison.

Sarah Harrison poses in a tight bikini on the beach – with daughter

Soon after the wedding and the hot pregnancy, Sarah and Dominic Harrison have already had their first child: a daughter named Mia Rose. The little girl regularly appears on YouTube and is a real star on the web. But obviously not all fans like, as a comment makes clear. But in turn: Sarah Harrison shared a photo showing her and her little daughter by a lake. The mother holds her child up and they both grin. The 27-year-old shows off her hot body, which she has staged in a string bikini. If you click through the photo series there is also a photo of Mia Rose alone in the water, one by Sarah Harrison in a bikini frontal and one where her daughter is playing with another child.

Police comments under Sarah Harrison's photo are fun Ernst

So far, so good – for the followers of Sarah Harrison (this is her Instagram account) nothing unusual. But in addition to the countless comments that refer to the hot body of the 27-year-old, there is also one that is serious for fun. "On Facebook, police NRW Hagen addressed the parents in October 2015: & # 39; Stop publishing photos of your children visible to everyone on Facebook and Co! – Their children also have privacy," a user apparently quoted police as saying.

Sarah Harrison did not respond to the comment and will probably no longer do so. Again and again, critical voices appear that it is unreasonable for her daughter to appear on the Internet so often without her consent. In the end, however, it is the parents' decision to show their child, such as Harrison or not. For example, Bonnie Strange doesn't want to show the face of her daughter Goldie Venus – while her ex did just that.

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