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Samsung update makes the Galaxy S20 series better

New update guarantees nicer recordings, better WiFi and more performance.

Samsung recently caused a stir with an update that benefits smartphone users with a Windows computer. Now the next good news is already waiting. This time, owners of a model from the Galaxy S20 series benefit from an update.

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The new A UI 2.5 update contains some popular features from the Note20 series. For example Recordings with the camera are easier and smoother. HiFi videos can now be produced in Pro Video mode. If users want to use the full screen for their videos, they only need to rotate the smartphone in 8K with a frame rate of 24 fps. With the ability to record images with a 21

: 9 aspect ratio, there is now even more space on the clips. The sound quality is also improved with the update. The Pro Video mode in the Galaxy S20 series provides the ability to control the microphone direction of the smartphone so that certain sounds can be recorded during recording.

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The new Galaxy S20 update also provides additional features for Samsung Notes. With “Audio Bookmark” notes can be synchronized with audio recordings from lectures or meetings. As you scroll through the notes, part of the writing can simply be selected to play the correct note. Alternatively, you can scroll through the audio recordings to see the appropriate notes. The update can also import and edit PDF files.

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There is also a convenient WLAN function. After updating to One UI 2.5, users can share the password for the Wi-Fi network they are currently connected to with nearby Galaxy devices in their contact list. The new WiFi feature also shows the connection speed in the immediate vicinity so that the user can choose the best Internet connection.

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