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Salzburger Philipp holds a DTM

Due to the dual space, Audi Pilot Clean Rast, with 59 points being the total of 18 slots. He is lying in front of the Deutsch Rast in Front, who had fallen off in the morning with some technical defect.

Eng: "I wanted to have a second curve" Running a very good job made job, "Eng. "I can thank you at every one of BMW Motorsport and my team that we are so confident and careless – so in qualifying as well as in racing." the fourth championship slot started. Surprisingly from the pole position out of the run, the 20-year-old BMW Rookie Sheldon, who was attacked by rast and an engraver, went on. "I wanted to fall into the second curve," Eng said, explaining the misfortune maneuver on the platforms. Weather on the Strecke überholte is Robin Frijns and Timo Glock, who went two rounds in the box, and was Ditter. Marco Wittmann's free-to-run skirts, followed by a Safety-Car Phase. At Re-Start, there is an easy ride from the linden and across the second square to the very soul. There was the first second place in DTM career. "The racing today was extreme heart, indeed one of the most bitterly experienced a career", soft Eng.

The work of Aston-Martin-Pilot Habsburg ended up there after 1

7 rounds. The Salzburg must say Car weighs a technical defect in the box. The next two were on the 8th and 9th. in Italian Misano.


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