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Rumors at Rowohlt Verlag – news.ORF.at

12.09.2018 19.12

Online since today, 19:12

In the German tradition publisher Rowohlt it holds. The reason is the termination of the former publisher Barbara Laugwitz. She had to seat her for Florian Illies ("Generation Golf", "1913"). Several authors of the German publisher have now critically criticized this termination in an open letter.

"Many of us are surprised by this process, some are scared," said the letter published today, among other things, to the CEO of Holtzbrinck's publisher, Joerg Pfuhl.

The authors, including Katharina Adler, Raether, Thomas Melle, Bodo Mrozek, Eugen Ruge and Heinz Strunk, emphasize: "We are very grateful to Barbara Laugwitz for her work and would like to decide again." The sudden release in combination With the impossibility of contacting Laugwitz, they consider to be invaluable. Probably, Laugwitz was involved in a contact ban.

Jelinek: "Dumped as garbage"

Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek was also criticized critically. She wrote to Laugwitz's resignation: "Now a woman has been dumped again as garbage."

Daniel Kehlmann also indirectly criticized the termination of the award of the Frank Schirrmacher Prize. He also thanked Laugwitz "on behalf of colleagues as diverse as Martin Walser, Ildiko von Kürthy, Jonathan Franzen and Eckart von Hirschhausen" for their work and added: "Unfortunately, this simple meaning is more than Holtzbrinck's leadership for their most successful publisher could save. "

" Take Very Serious Alarm "

Pfuhl himself showed understanding of the author's irritation. "I take your concerns and touch very seriously," says a dpa reply letter Pfuhls to the authors. The Rowohlt publisher had announced surprisingly at the end of August that on January 1

, Illies will be new deputy director.

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