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RTL Moderator Nina Moghaddam: New picture of your baby – and finally betrayed until the names!

Hurray: Nina Moghaddam schwelgt im Babyglück! Underneath Lenny has never endured a twist.

Once again, Monate's boyfriends say no to bad, as Nina Moghaddam (38) slips suddenly with a baby bum at the "1live crown" over the root carpet. The RTL moderator's bright damals are smoothly over the entire face, throughout the world, hoping to hear the 38-year-old pregnant. Actually, the home bridge was at that time single. Kurz darauf lüftete sie das Mystery, that no one has been renamed as Ex-Man Dominik (36), with the only Söhnchen Lenny (3), or the water of Baby Number. In May 1

, Ninas and Dominic looked at the light of the world.

They've had heavy seasons

As Nina and Dominik have separated in June 2017, no one has mutilated that the two-year-old's life spit a sunny durability whatsoever. In one interview with BUNTE both reported who came to the training. In Lenny's year 2015, Dominik had the love, "lost Nina", as the world is still about the small Lenny. "I overlook the theme child," said Dominik of late roles as Vater. "If yes, there was no stable basis, we could hear them," remembered Daddy.

Even for Nina there was a heavier time without a Dominic. "My world is broken together. Wanting to get some real rights, as you hear them before. It was planted nowadays … ”

If we meet Nina Moghaddam in Rahmen of the" Rodenstock Eyewear Show 2018 "at an exclusive interview with BUNTE.de, you can tell who's just a worthy mum. Our late Glück hated the sympathetic RTL moderator as well as no problem, uploading single stories about the baby.

Wildlife Family Gap

Do more than one year after the separation flared that Gefühle zwischen der Moderatorin and the Stuntman. "It was, like me, a homely affair with my Exmann," Nina stood. Zunächst both sobbed secretly to their lie, but the bullet bowed to the beloved bridge one half year later but to Liebes-outing. Wets round your Söhnchen the usual Liebesglück ab.

Update (June 12): On Instagram, Nina does not reveal that she has been deprived of less treasure. " My sobering Mylo," says it in one picture of one in a mini-hammock. “Was a living! I would also like to lie down the whole roof in the hammock and head down to the cob. Whoever thinks that this template is so harmonious


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